by on January 5, 2020
Cast-Iron Plant | Aspidistra elatior The Cast-Iron Plant is true to its name and sometimes also called the Barroom Plant as it will grow even if neglected and left in a dark barroom type corner. All plants information with app for plant identification in your iphone. One of the hardiest of the indoor houseplants, the Cast-Iron Plant is definitely for those who do not have a green thumb. Although it will still survive with neglect, if you treat it right, which is not very difficult, it will produce beautiful, dark, shiny leaves. This plant is a stemless, upright plant with long, narrow, glossy leaves that grow on stalks and can grow up to 3 feet. You may have seen these leaves in large flower arrangements. Temperature & Humidity Ideal daytime temperature is below 80F and for nighttime about 10 degrees cooler. But do not let temperature drop below 60F. Average humidity is sufficient. Light Bright indirect sunlight is best although it will tolerate low light or a dark corner. The Cast-Iron Plant also does well under artificial light for at least 14 hours a day. Water Keep soil just barely moist at all times. As mentioned it will tolerate neglect in water but ideally you should water it about one a week to keep it healthy and beautiful. Fertilize Fertilize with houseplant food once a month during spring, summer and early fall. Cleaning these gorgeous leaves should not be a chore and will help the plant thrive. These beautiful glossy leaves can use cleaning for best health. Use a soft moist cloth to wipe down the leaves as dust tends to accumulate on them. Use only water and stay away from shine products.
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