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by on January 15, 2020
We all think about saving our property any potential damage but to stay completely unharmed is not possible. If you keep maintaining the property whenever the early signs of wear start showing off, you might be able to save yourself from a sudden pressure.
The most used place in any property is, of course, a floor. It is natural that it shows signs of wear early than other things. If these early signs are ignored then there is a possibility you’ll have to install new boards way before you should. However, if you keep refinishing your floor it will look new all the time also, it will be protected and last longer.
When You Should Consider Refinishing
It depends on what condition your floor is in. usually, when once shiny floors start to appear dull and scratchy, this is a hint that the floor needs refinishing. If the boards are gouged, broken, or cracked or when watermarks are little too much visible or when you can spot stains it is the time to go for refinishing.
Type Of Refinishing
There are mainly two types of refinishing and you have to gauge which one do you require? These are not types but more like levels where you require to measure the damage if it just the finish or wood has been compromised and choose which sort of refinishing would be best.
Buff and coat would enough if the damage is restricted to finish only but if the wood has been damaged then it will require a little more effort. Sanding and refinishing will be needed if the color needs to be changed and in case of deeper damage.
Cleaning Products’ Mess
If you are witnessing sticky finish, footprints or if the floor is attracting dirt and is cloudy you may have been using wrong cleaning products. This means you don’t need a refinish, you merely need to remove was buildup.
There are several cleaning products available in grocery stores that claim as suitable for wooden floors but they are not. Products containing acrylic wax to provide shine are the worst when it comes to wood floors because it builds up.
After a good cleaning, you’ll realize you don’t even need a refinish but only if you are lucky… you may still have to go for complete sanding to get rid of the wax build up completely and it will make finish to pull up too.
Get Expert Opinion
If you are not sure and you are not able to judge what level of refinishing your floor requires at the moment then you should schedule an inspection with the experts. Contact service providers whom you trust and arrange for a team to visit and inspect. They will tell you how much damage there is and what needs to be done. Get extra ordinary service at Affordable Refinishing Stone Floors and you can give them a try too. It should not be difficult to find a reliable service provider if you know what you are looking for.
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