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When we reach the end of a thesis, it is important to know how to write a conclusion in which you should summarize everything you have previously explained or written in your research paper or thesis. The conclusion is the last thing you should write when you are preparing a thesis or a doctoral thesis. You cannot say that you have finished writing your thesis if you have not written the conclusion. Like the introduction, the final pages must contain the meaning of all the work or research. It is extremely important for those who read your thesis, so let's see below a simple step guide in which we (Write Essay Today) explain how to write a conclusion. Before we see the steps to follow to write a conclusion, it is advisable to say that to begin the conclusions of the thesis, you have to assume that this is the original objective of your work. Remember that throughout your thesis, the reader will have read pages and pages of studies, analysis, research, hypotheses. If you have done a good job, the reader will not have lost the thread of your speech. But, if you have been quite detailed and lengthy in exposition and argumentation in your work, you may have lost sight of the objective of what you are explaining so that you can refresh your memory with a good conclusion. Steps to write a conclusion To know how to write the conclusion of the thesis, it is important to see what kind of thesis or research paper you have developed. If it is a research thesis (experimental), which has led you to an empirical investigation, the conclusions should inform you of a summary of the results obtained. We do not need to write them all down, as they have been thoroughly studied in depth in the chapters. It will be appropriate to select and highlight the most important results and discuss them. It is also possible to provide a general interpretation of the results and brief comparisons with other studies or similar citations. Something short and concise is recommended. Do not extend much. In the case of a descriptive or "compilation" thesis, in which theoretical concepts must be presented, it will be necessary to insert a schematic summary in the final thesis. Highlight important points and any problems that have arisen. Give a touch of personality while illustrating the conclusions and solutions you have reached. Also, relate your thinking to the solutions that have emerged. After the thesis, you can also mention the topics that you would have liked to pay more attention to than the deeper ones. You can also enter them in the form of a bulleted list. You can write, for example, how important it is for you, even in the future, the practical application of what you have Write my thesis Things to avoid in a conclusion After seeing the key steps to know how to write a conclusion, it will be good to list some errors that are better not to make in the thesis. Avoid proposing a simple summary of the thesis. Before writing the conclusion of the thesis, it will be good to set aside the thesis for a few days. After a few days, write the conclusion of the thesis. This will allow you to free your mind and write conclusions that will remain engraved in the mind and not a simple summary. . Avoid repeating chapter titles or topics discussed again. Because they have already been listed in the initial part of the work. In the beginning, we said that the conclusions go hand in hand with the introduction. But this does not mean it should be a repetition. Remember that the reader has already read the pages of your thesis. The conclusion of the thesis must remain with the reader, to remember what you talked about and what arguments you doubt. Therefore, repeating titles and themes would only give the impression of wanting to extend the content because you don't know what to write. Avoid comments or self-assessments about your work. At the center of attention will be the results or conclusions, the knowledge that your thesis proposes and the different interpretations of the phenomenon or topic covered by the thesis or english essay. There is no precise rule about length. What we advise you is to dedicate at least a couple of pages to the conclusion of the thesis. This always depends on the thesis you have previously written and the number of results or conclusions that have arisen. Do not include thanks to the conclusions. These will be dedicated to a special page that you can decide if it is at the beginning, on the title page or after the conclusion.
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