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by on January 22, 2020
The MP3 player market is dominated by big names like Sony, Apple and Samsung. The mp3 players that these companies launch in the market, are not affordable for everyone. However, there are so many other good options in the market, that each buyer can find something which fits their budget and needs.

MP3 Player For Commuting

If you need an mp3 player for commuting via bus or a bicycle, you need a compact device that you can carry around easily. For this purpose, you should get a flash-based mp3 player, which doesn’t have any moving parts. The SanDisk Sansa Fuze is one such mp3 player, which is designed for withstanding bustling commute. Such an mp3 player costs around $50-$200 and if you are getting SanDisk Sansa Fuze, then it will cost you $80.

MP3 Player for Normal Use

If you are travelling to and from the office, you would want an mp3 player that is not too bulky and can keep audio books and music as well. Flash based mp3 players, as mentioned above, don’t have that much storage space. This is why, you would want a hard drive mp3 player, which has a video screen of 2 inches and a long battery life. In this case, you might have to pay $200-$500. If you buy the Archos 5 250GB media player, then I will cost you $300, and you can even enjoy videos on it. On the other hand Archos 7 can house a whole music library, and it costs about $500. With the help of an Archos 7, you can replace a home stereo setup, as this mp3 player comes with 320GB storage. It also comes with a screen, on which you can watch videos; it is a 7 inches screen. There are mp3 players which offer customers in-line recording as well. For example, if you want to record audio from another source, like PC, then you can simply use your MP3 player. You will have to pay about $70-$200. Cowon iAudio offers customers such a feature, and it costs about $105.

Cost & Storage Space

The cost of an MP3 player depends on its features, and the storage space that it offers. The cost also varies from brand to brand. For example, Tomameri, which is not a known brand, offers customers an MP3 player at the cost of $19, with 16GB space. However, an iPod and a Samsung MP3 player will be more costly.
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