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by on January 27, 2020
Do you love to play story games? If yes, then in mobile gaming, there are few games available that will make you play and control the storyline.

My Story Choose Your Own Path is a simulation game, and it is totally based on the storyline and choices. In My Story Choose Your Own Path adventure is so much, and these stories are so much related to the real-life stories and actions. Find all the interesting my story cheats @mystorycheats to understand each one at the best.

In the stories of the game, players can choose any kind, so the story, and among them, drama, crime, romance, comedy, and many more types of stories are available, and it is so interesting.

In order to complete the story and live a great life, there are several things that players can do, and these things are written below –

Live a Great Life in My Story Choose Your Own Path

As mentioned above that the stories available in the game are based on real-life situations, and players have to tackle them just like that.

These stories are simple, and in order to complete any story, players just have to choose the options that will make the next situations.

For example, if you are playing a love story chapter, then you have to be nice to your partner, and for that, you have to avoid fight options and options that will hurt your partner. You can choose any story you want, and it is free.

Every option and choice matters, and in the end, if you want a good ending, then you have to choose right and polite options. Every player has different thinking, and as per their thoughts, they choose their options, and that is how sometimes they have a different ending in the game.

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