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by on February 4, 2020

Less and less is missing for the launch of this highly promoted Free Fire hack, and Capcom has done a great job to make fans feel expectant to try the title that will bring back to Nemesis, one of the most iconic bosses final of the video game industry.

Resident Evil 3 will take us back to Raccoon City, and as it happened in the original game, Nemesis and the zombies will not be our only rivals, since the remembered and hated Mutant Worms will appear again.

Always in large numbers, and of course, with their characteristic speed and relentless persecution, the Mutant Worms are possibly the largest source of waste of bullets in the history of Mobile Legends games.

We want Nemesis to overcome what Tyrant was in Resident Evil 2

mobile legends hack no longer need a credit card will be released on April 3 and we will see the remastering of all the enemies that we found in the original 2016 game for PlayStation, but this time on PS4 and Xbox One.

Free Fire has given us unforgettable moments and goals over the years, but for every masterful goal made, there is an impossible mistake and we all know it. In this case, it was recorded in the video that the user of Reddit Alphaman2224 uploaded.

The player was playing an online match in the Ultimate Team, when after a corner that managed to comb on the first stick, his player was left with only the front bow and the defeated goalkeeper to convert. However, the -necessary- timed finishing failed to try to head the ball.

Even so, he had a second chance, with the ball literally stinging on the goal line, and over time, the timed finishing failed again, directing the ball inexplicably backwards instead of towards the bottom of the goal.

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