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In recent years Law firms are engaging in Twitter to increase their value; social media is the best way to raise awareness and to engage with your clients. If used correctly, Twitter can be the most powerful marketing tool for lawyers and law firms. During the starting period, it may look impossible to get a large number of followers. Still, with the right statistics, strategy and consistent efforts, you can grow your twitter account in a short amount of time. Here some essential Tips from the Top Law Firms on Twitter to increase your Twitter followers and attract organic clients.

1. Customising the Law Firms Twitter Profile

First, the right thing to do is to customize your Law firm's page in the most attractive and approachable way. Start with updating a Bio, it should be short and should describe your law firm in the best way. Twitter only allows 160 characters in Bio so try to keep it short and exciting. Provide a link of your website under the Bio to redirect the clients to your site from your Twitter Profile. Putting a URL in your Bio makes the Followers think your Profile is legit and means business..

Updating your Bio, Upload a header image which should mostly be your Law Firms logo or an image that portrays your Brand's identity. Now add a Profile Picture which can be of yourself or your Brand's logo. Make sure the header and profile picture are attractive ones which attracts the clients. @SPB_Global gives the perfect example of how a Law firm's twitter profile should look like. They attract a large number of followers on their page.

2. Engagement with your Followers

Promote your brand; you need to have a good engagement with your followers. Starting when someone follows your Twitter Profile, Send them a direct message thanking them for the support and write some kind words which can make them feel good to follow you. This way, the User will stay connected to your Profile on long terms. Using Bots for Messaging, people are annoying, and people understand these days if it’s a bot or a real human being texting them. You can use the internet marketing agency for attorneys; they can help you manage your Twitter profile and boost your Growth with their amazing Services. Services include Profile design and development, SEO, Lawyer reputation management and Social media marketing. give the best services for Lawyer Internet Marketing.

3. Create Valuable Content

Your Twitter profile followers are essential but putting out content that is valuable and reachable to the audience is highly recommended. The content you put out will pull organic followers to your Profile. You need to post everyday informative content on Twitter if you don’t the followers won’t last for long. To keep them engaged you need to post valuable content from time to time. If you need some inspiration and some Tips from the Top Law Firms on Twitter checkout White & Case LLP and Squire Patton Boggs twitter profiles, they post all the informative and educational posts which engage the followers and gets them, new clients. You can also share content that is relevant to your Profile, retweeting other content will drive more traffic to your page, and it will help you grow your following too. For this check out the top tweets of your Topic which get the most engagement.

4. Use of Hashtags

Twitter is a Social Media Platform where if you want to grow, you should know that it works mostly on hashtags. E.g. if a user is searching about top law firms on Twitter, he will search #toplawfirms which will show him all the posts with these hashtags. Law firms can use the hashtag trick to increase the number of visitors on their Profile. A hashtag allows the person to search according to their interests which takes them to the Users profile after reading the post. You can search about the Topic and check out the hashtags trending on twitter of that particular Topic. Make a new post using relevant hashtags, make sure not to use more than 4 5. Quality over Quantity always. The internet marketing agency for attorneys who help the law firm SEO services to grow to check the analytics and use the right hashtags to promote your content.

5. Track Results using Analytics

Your Profile’s performance is vital; it helps you to keep a track on your page and ensure you are getting a better revenue out of your Twitter account. To get all the information about the Results, Twitter has its built-in Analytics called Twitter Analytics. This tool shows you the amount of audience reach, follower growth, and how much the visitors are engaging in your tweets. The Analytics tool also gives you info about the visitor's Gender, Age group, and Nationality. Using the tool can help you keep track on your Growth and help you improve.

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