by on February 13, 2020
Amazon Kindle is a famous Ebook reader used by people across the world to browse, purchase and read the ebooks online from Amazon store. A user can download the Kindle for Windows 10 to access the Kindle library. The Kindle app is easy to use and supports the user-friendly feature. However, there are certain issues that may occur and compromise your user-experience on Windows 10 PC/Laptop like unexpected closing of the application, increased loading time and a lot more.

There could be a number of possible reasons behind the Kindle app not working on WIndows 10 Computer such as compatibility issues, outdated applications and many more. But, if you follow the below mentioned guidelines, you can troubleshoot the problem. Here, we have discussed some simple troubleshooting guidelines that may help you to fix the Kindle issues.

Kindle App Not Working for Windows 10: Troubleshooting Solutions

Scan for Malware
Some brutal malware and viruses can corrupt the Kindle app program files and results into the failure of Kindle app for Windows 10. To troubleshoot this problem, you can use the malware removal tool like MalwarebytesAdwCleaner which helps to scan and remove the malware.

To download the MalwarebytesAdwCleaner, follow given steps:

1.Download the MalwarebytesAdwCleaner from its official website.
2.Double click on the download file to open it.
3.Right-click on a malware cleaner tool icon and choose ‘Run as administrator’ option.
4.Click the ‘Scan’ button in MalwarebytesAdwCleaner display, and click on the ‘Scan’ button to proceed with the scanning process.
5.Hit the ‘Clean’ button and click on ‘Ok’ button to reboot your PC to complete the cleaning process.

You can also use the Windows Built-In Antivirus Windows Defender to run the system scan.
In case, if you still face the same trouble, proceed to the next troubleshooting solution.

Update System Drivers
The outdated drivers of absence of programs like redistributables, .NET Framework, DirectX can be the reason behind Kindle for Windows 10 not working. To troubleshoot the issues, you can run Windows update or use the automated tool for system drivers update. This will help you to troubleshoot the Kindle not working for Windows 10 concern.

Restart Kindle App
Another alternative you can choose to troubleshoot Kindle Windows 10 not working issue is restart your Kindle program. There are chances that some of the programs may not be compatible with the WIndows 10. So, you need to stop the Kindle app and restart it .

To restart the Kindle App
1.Close Dialog Message informing you that Kindle crashed.
2.Right-click the Taskbar to open ‘Task Manager’.
3.Make sure that you kill the main and related processes related to Kindle.
4.Try to restart Kindle and check for the changes.

Hopefully, these troubleshooting solutions will help you to fix the Kindle for Windows 10 issues. All the steps mentioned are very simple to follow and execute. But, if you are still unable to troubleshoot this problem, we recommend you to contact the experts and seek their assistance to troubleshoot the Kindle app issues.
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