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Why Learn C++?

C++ is known as a very powerful language. C++ lets you have a lot of control about how you use computer resources, so in the right hands its speed and capacity to cheaply use resources should be able to surpass other languages. Thanks to C++'s performance, it's used to produce game engines, games, and desktop apps. Many AAA title games are developed with C++.
Beginner Friendliness
Very Complex
Since C++ is rather lower level, which is huge and you will need to handle a lots of complex things like memory management plus much more. You also should write a large amount of code a psychic email reading a working prototype if you're considering building an app from scratch. Since it will probably be difficult to grasp how all features in C++ works, it is possible to shoot yourself within the foot.
As such, since its easy for a coding beginner to go astray when studying C++, we strongly suggest learning C++ with a mentor. In Eyal Nachum , C++ carries a longer history with game development in general, so you will find a great deal of proven good practices a C++ mentor in the gaming community can teach you.
C++'s greatest strength is the place where scalable it could be, so apps which can be very resource intensive are generally built with it. Graphics require a lot of resource, which explains why the most beautiful 3D games you happily feast your eyes on are often designed with C++.
As a statically typed language, C++ is usually more performant than dynamically typed languages as the code is type-checked before it's executed. Java is gaining ground with regards to speed, but in the end, depending on how talented the C++ developer is, C++ can nevertheless be faster than Java.
As previously mentioned, since you have a lot of treatments for how your app uses resources, your app can take up hardly any resource. All in every, since C++ can be be extremely performant within the right hands, enterprises often use C++ to code functions that possess a critical reliance upon speed and resource usage.
Not Easy to Maintain
C++ needs a lots of code, so that you need a large team to scale a C++ app, and from your time and financial investment perspective, C++ hard to scale. Also, since you have to do a great deal of things manually with C++, it's feasible for less experienced or less skilled developers introducing errors into the code base. Java was developed because so many professional developers were making mistakes, so with regards to talent-recruiting, an extremely skilled and experienced C++ developer may be hard to get and also expensive to afford, which explains why C++ just isn't so scalable.
Of course, should your goal is to build a game employing a game engine, this could still be a problem but less critical.
First of all, community dimensions are important, because the larger a programming language community is, the greater support you would be likely to get. As you step in to the programming world, you'll soon know how vital support is, because developer community is about giving and receiving help. Moreover, the bigger a community, the more people is going to be building useful tools to make development in that particular language easier. As of now, there are over 600 notable programming languages world-wide.
So, with this context in mind, let's get into the details of the C++ community.
Highest Overall StackOverflow Answer rate
StackOverflow can be a programming Q&A site you'll no doubt become intimate with being a coding beginner. While some may argue C++ questions are more prone to be answered because C++ users tend to be more advanced and learn how to phrase their questions better, an 83.6% overall answer rates are still quite the feat. C++ is additionally the 6th most used and followd tag on StackOverflow, with more than 69k followers.
Small Meetup Community
At meetups, stop network and study on fellow developers. Meetups often offer mentorship to the people who want it as well. The C++ meetup community is somewhat smaller, so if you feel looking to interact with C++ game developers you can check out Game Development Meetups too.
6th Most Popular Language on GitHub
Although a lot of C++ projects on GitHub might possibly not have been employed for C++ development itself, C++ has a long history of being accustomed to develop games and graphics-related programs. The Unreal Game Engine, which was used to develop many AAA title games, is known to have very efficient tools that will make life easier. It can also be particularly great for developing FPS games.
Career Opportunities
Salary information from
If you want to produce mainstream games, odds are you'd need to use C++. Many mobile best-seller games were developed with Cocos2d-x, which is often a free, open-sourced and cross-platform game engine. Cocos2d-x games are developed with C++, though Cocos2d also supports other languages now. However, as the support for other languages is often a relatively recent addition, you'd likely find better documentation for Cocos2d-x.
Furthermore, large companies for example Facebook may also need C++ developers to help optimize their apps or develop their products.
TIOBE Popularity Index: #3
The rise of independent game development could have dented the requirement for C++ developers a little, in general, C++ will still remain an important player within the gaming industry. Now that Unreal Engine, the most used game engine for AAA title games, is provided for free, you can definitely get started with developing 3D games with C++ yourself.
Interest to learn C++ grew by 22.7% in 2015
With the rise of Virtual Reality, C++ developers will likely be needed to formulate the most visually amazing VR apps, so in this aspect, C++ carries a pretty bright future.
Although C++ gets a lot of flak for being so complex and hard to utilize right, it's still being actively worked to get kept relevant, so all in every C++ defintely won't be going away even though a large amount of languages happen to be trying to change it.

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