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by on February 17, 2020
Microfiber towels are becoming more and more trendy. They do not consist, as one thinks, of individual fibers, but of a multifilament yarn. This yarn is processed for working, fabricating or crocheting with a high number of stitches. Microfiber towels absorb moisture optimally. They are much thinner than cotton towels but are just as good to clean. Advantages of microfiber towels Microfiber towels have a great look. They are very handy and can be used after bathing, showering or sports. The towels made of microfiber have a high cleaning efficiency. Microfiber towels are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. They can be very useful as a towel or bath towel in everyday life. Most microfiber towels are made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. They have a TOP quality and offer up to 5 times higher suction power than classic cotton towels. Due to their lightweight, they are often taken by athletes in a sports bag. Also, the microfiber towels offer the advantage that they are very thin. This makes them much easier to store. Even on shelves, they don't take up much space. Many mothers are enthusiastic about microfiber towels. They use the practical towels to use them as a changing pad for the baby. They do not take up much space in a changing bag and are extremely cuddly soft. Babypopos, in particular, are very sensitive. After bathing, the child can be completely dried with the microfiber towel, so that he feels comfortable. Properties of microfiber towels If microfiber towels should look like new for a long time, then they should be optimally maintained. Microfiber towels should not be washed with softener. As a result, they lose their suction power. The high suction force is ensured by a high material density. If microfiber wipes are used in a dry state, then charges can easily occur. This applies less to microfiber towels than to cleaning cloths. Finally, microfiber can be used not only for the production of towels but also for cleaning cloths. In this area, the microfiber cloths are unbeatable. Microfiber is characterized by its soft structure. However, it is also very stable in shape. The special properties of the microfiber are achieved due to a tighter weaving. This ensures a larger surface area and the towels appear to be resistant to lint or water. Therefore, microfiber towels from many bathrooms are indispensable. The high suction force is not only achieved by the fibers, but by a capillary effect. Microfiber can be used in many household areas. A small drawback is that microfiber towels are slightly more expensive than cotton towels. But they are also particularly durable and still stay in good shape after several washes. Colorful microfiber towels Microfiber towels are a small luxury. They are a perfect gift for any mother or housewife. The towels are particularly cuddly bedding for bunk beds and easy to care for. They have great quality and look great visually. More importantly, they absorb the humidity perfectly after showering. Nevertheless, the towels do not feel as wet as the classic cotton towels.
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