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FBS, or Financial Brokerage Services, is predominantly an Asian foreign exchange broker that has its offices in China, Malaysia , the Philippines, Indonesia , Jordan, Vietnam and Russia. IFSC in Belize is the main regulatory organization that regulates all the financial components of the company. The FBS regulation is not one of the highest points for the firm, since most trust brokers are regulated by organizations such as the CFTC, NFA, FCA , ASIC and CySEC. Belize is a tax haven, and IFSC regulatory guidelines are still in debate over whether it can be compared to the most established and reputable international regulatory organizations. FBS was initially established outside Russia and began its FX operations in 2009. The broker claims to have more than 700,000 customers from 120 different countries worldwide. Although that could be an accurate representation of the broker's scope by modern standards, the reality lies in the fact that the broker does not have any US merchants . UU. And the lack of EU regulation also prevents the corridor from actively promoting its services in the euro zone. However, despite all the confusion surrounding the regulatory state, the broker has received numerous awards and recognition for its services. The broker has also been able to receive positive FBS reviews from existing customers; However, the broker is also not completely free of criticism funded trading accounts uk. Features of the FBS business account at a glance $ 1 minimum deposit Maximum FBS leverage of 1: 3000 Five different types of accounts FBS spreads from 0 pip ECN account offered with adjusted margins and one commission per lot Full range of payment options Trading instruments include 32 currencies and two metals. MT4 and MT5 Trading Platform One of the main reasons why operators choose FBS is due to the very low barrier to entering the markets, since the minimum deposit required for an FBS account is $ 1. There are two types of accounts available to merchants more small, which include Cent and Micro accounts. The Cent account starts with a $ 1 deposit, while the Micro account starts with a $ 5 deposit. The Cent account also has very tight differentials from 1 pip, and the Micro account has fixed differentials from 3 pips. . The maximum leverage offered is different for both accounts, since the Cent account has a maximum leverage of 1: 1000 and the Micro account has a maximum leverage of 1: 3000. The Cent account is undoubtedly the most attractive proposal here due to the reduction in the cost of transactions, since, on the contrary, the margin of the 3 pips Micro account is immensely higher than the average Micro account. Operators with a higher deposit of $ 100 can take advantage of a Standard account that has all the features of the Micro account, although with tighter margins of 1 pip. The ECN account It is offered as a Zero Spread account, which allows operators to enjoy up to 0 pips in spreads at the cost of a $ 20 commission per lot. The minimum deposit required for the ECN account is $ 500, while the leverage is set at a maximum of 1: 3000. The last type of business account is the unlimited account that is generally reserved for institutional and professional operators, which offers a maximum leverage of 1: 500 together with floating differentials from 0.2 pips. There is no commission for the unlimited account, and the initial deposit starts at $ 500. The Unlimited account is the best type of FBS account due to its favorable trading conditions, lower trading costs, comparatively lower leverage and high commercial execution speed. FBS uses trading platforms MT4 and MT5 to access the currency markets both devices desktop and mobile . FBS commercial platforms are connected to high-speed servers, and the company has modified the platform slightly to offer the best commercial results. FBS mobile platforms are available as downloadable MT4 applications in the iTunes and Google Play stores, while operators can also use the MT4 web merchant for commercial requirements related to the browser.
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