Britt Ellis
by on February 22, 2020

Networking is an integral part of any event. Big events, especially business conferences, provide a perfect platform for communication between people. An event might receive thousands of attendees for the very purpose of building networks and mingling with other people of one’s interest.


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How does our event app offer better networking?

• Get to know your peers before the event:

it might feel awkward walking into a room full of strangers. Breaking the ice is more difficult in such cases. Our event networking app gathers all the attendees on one platform. You are well informed about people coming to your event. Not just you, even the attendees get to know who they will be meeting in the event. They can easily shortlist people they would connect with prior to the event.



• Communicate and plan individual meetings:with our event apps, you can easily chat with your peers attending the event. The app also allows you to send meeting requests to people you want to connect or interact with them. On personal chat,you can then schedule meetings within the event timings.

• Search attendees through the directory:

an event app creates a directory by syncing all the social networking sites used by the attendees. This way, a person can search their target contacts, chat with them and plan meetings. Event app also recommends people of your interest.

Optimize features for all event types

Event ticketing platform is taken into whole new digital level with event software. Event planners can design and customize different types of tickets like early birds, VIP, etc. with this platform, optimize your ticketing experience and go paper-free.


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Answering Queries with Ease

Event apps do not only provide ease to organizers but the attendeesas well. Many of the times, people want to attend an event but they have confusions. And when no one is able to solve their queries they drop the overall idea of going to the event.

But with event apps that has an event q&a feature, any attendant can directly ask questions to speakers. The speakers (organizers) can view these questions and post a reply. Organizers can even create live polls to get feedback from customers.

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