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by on February 25, 2020
If you are one of those who have furthermore, heard about the Shala Darpan portal then we welcome you to get the insights of the same. As the name goes, Shala Darpan is an integrated platform where you can get the educational and administrative related information. Moreover, it is capable of sending and receiving an effective conversation between the students, their parents, and the teachers. It is indeed a very useful and effective website portal for the students who wish to get an education. It comes with an amalgamation of all Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas along with 636 schools and nearly 2.6 million students. Therefore, this single-integrated platform came to the light for spreading knowledge and information across the 22000 employees and around 2 Lakh students across the Navodaya Vidyalayas. In addition, this online portal costs around 6 crore as set by the Indian Govt. websites. If we talk about the major components of this educational website portal, it also includes the integrated content management section that has 636 websites of the Navodaya schools across PAN India. Furthermore, it comprises information that is related to the service record, transfer or posting, discipline rules, and ACR tracking. Moreover, the portal will also take initiatives to improvise mess management and hostel conditions. The Shala Darpan portal specifically comes to a design by Open Source Technology and therefore the cost incurred to make this portal is quite low. The reason behind its boom is proper information along with analytical details is shared; there is proper transparency in the evaluation process for both students and teachers. There are 654 bilingual platforms for every school along with the role-based access for better evaluation on every stage. source :- #x111 #x1ec1 #x1eed #discuss #appstarfinancial #appstarfinancialcareer #appstarreviews #appstar #appstarfinancialreviews #appstarreview #appstarfinancialjob #appstarfinancialhiring #appstarjob #appstarfinancialreview #appstarfinancialsalary
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