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by on February 28, 2020

For people who are quite health conscious and yet are allergic to Gluten; what then eat will be their first concern. So many questions come in their mind like Is popcorn gluten-free? Is Rice gluten free? Is farro Gluten free? And many more….

Today we will be discussing about oats. So to the question Is oatmeal gluten-free, the answer is - YES!! Gluten allergic people can include oats in their diet. Since oats are rich in fiber and protein, it is a great option if you replace wheat from your diet if you are suffering from gluten allergy. However, there are certain things you need to consider and take precaution before you consume Oats.

1. Oats are naturally gluten-free grains, however during cultivation, oats and other grains like wheat, barley etc. are grown in the same piece of land or by using same equipment’s. This increases the chances of cross-contamination in grains. For celiac and gluten- sensitive people even the tiniest amount can be dangerous.

  1. There are brands that have specifically dedicated gluten-free oat products. Companies like Quaker, Bob’s Red Mill etc. make gluten-free oats available in the market. However, make sure you read the ingredients before consuming it because these brands make not gluten-free oats as well.
  2. Most importantly, make sure you consult your doctor before you consume oats because Oats have a protein called avenin. Researches are still going on, and it varies from person to person.
  3. Thus it is advisable to consume a couple of spoons of gluten-free oats until not diagnosed. Once the doctor confirms the resistance capacity of your body, you can modify your oats intake. (Note – there is a possibility that a couple of spoons of gluten-free oats is also not tolerated by your body)
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