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Are you really fascinated by cars? Then you might feel a little inquisitive about tyres too, since they are one of the most essential parts of a car. It is really an interesting story of how the modern-day tyres really come into fashion. Just like any other thing, tyres also have their own history.

Tyres are what stands between the road and the vehicle. It is only the tyre that doesn’t let you lose control of the vehicle. Tyres are more like good relationship managers that help in the proper running of your car without letting any impediments

Tyre Definition

Tyre is a component which is in the shape of a ring and is responsible for balancing the vehicle's weight on the road. Providing proper traction on the road's surface is what Tyres Reading are meant for. Modern-day tyres are pneumatic tyres which are actually highly modified and flexible too. Tyres can be tubeless and tubed, depending on the requirement of the car.

How are Tyres Made?

The tyre manufacturing process includes a lot. Leading tyre manufacturers like Michelin Tyres, Goodyear Tyres, Pirelli Tyres Reading, etc. have their own different mechanisms. But whoever be the manufacturer, everyone first studies the market to understand the demand for tyres.

Speaking of materials used in tyre manufacturing, some of the common materials are natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon black, silica, metallic, textile reinforcement cables and many more. Every single element used in production has very specific reasons to be used in the process. For example, the use of carbon black is mainly to make it more durable for long distances. Then, the synthetic rubber is used for the tread of 4x4 vehicles. Chemicals are also used for providing better qualities to the tyres like high grip and low-level resistance on the road.

Different Layers of a Tyre

Mostly radial tyres are common and so let us discuss different layers in it. The inner liner, carcass ply, low bead area, beads, sidewall, casing ply, cap ply, crown plies, tread are some of the layers that are present in the modern-day tyre. Tread is the part of the tyre that faces friction with the road surface. The tread design of a tyre is decided based on the tyre type.

Summer tyres and winter tyres have different tread depths and designs based on what kind of surfaces they have to roll on. The grip also depends on the grooves and design of the tread.

Other than that, the sidewall is another tyre part which safeguards the rim of the tyres from any kind of impact. And some tyres also have important details written on the sidewall. Carcass ply is what really determines the strength of a tyre. It is a layer of cables also called textile fibre cords which are enmeshed and bonded with rubber.

This is what a crash course on tyres is. But if you want to know more about tyres and how are they made or need any service related to tyres, Elite Wheels & Tyres Limited is just a call away. We have really skilled workers who are highly experienced too.

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