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by on March 12, 2020
In order to perfectly manage huge amounts of data can be a big challenge for IT professionals. ITIL is an institute that offers exemplary management strategies that help in addressing these challenges. ITIL offers certification to professionals, who are interested in advancing their skills and knowledge of the ITIL framework.

As you delve into this post, you will get to know about the role of ITIL certification training online and the benefits offered by it.

Levels of ITIL Certification

There are several levels prescribed under this accredited ITIL course. The various levels depend on the qualification and expertise of a candidate. Professionals interested in advancing their knowledge of the ITIL framework should consider the four levels of ITIL certifications currently available-

Foundation Level

This is the first level of ITIL certification. This level builds basic concepts and terminology of ITIL Services Support and Service Delivery. To be eligible for this level, candidates need to have a general understanding of ITIL and the method of its implementation at the workplace.

Intermediate Level

This is the second level of ITIL certification. This level provides several educational modules to a candidate to choose according to the needs. There are two main sections of this level: Service Lifecycle and Service Capability. To complete this level a candidate has to pass one more module, the "ITIL Managing across the Lifecycle" qualification. Qualifying this level is favourable for those who are looking for an Expert Level certification.

Expert & master level

This level offers candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge to get a clear understanding of the entire ITIL scheme. The course contents of this level are delivered in the form of various modules to choose from. To qualify for this certification, a candidate must have a thorough knowledge base across the complete ITIL service lifecycle.

As for the master level, it is specially designed for those ITIL professionals who are involved in the planning, managing and operating the service management functions of an IT industry. This level of certification widens and strengthens the practical usage of ITIL knowledge in several types of industry applications.

Furthermore, ITIL is a pre-eminent framework designed to manage IT service delivery across all corners of the world. Certification offered by this premier institute enhances the competitive edge of professionals at various positions of the IT industry such as managers, business analysts, directors and consultants. Whether it is Microsoft windows Training or ITIL certification, 30 Bird is the platform where you will get high quality course downloads at reasonable pricing.
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