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by on March 17, 2020

Innovation in grab bars has meant that there are now a lot of different options are now available. This has been done to further enhance user experience, functionality and perhaps most importantly user safety.

Now, when you go out shopping for grab bars expect to find a lot of different options including the length, diameter, finish, dual-functionality and more.

We have put together a list of all the different types of grab bars that you can find:

  • Straight Grab Bars
  • L Shaped or Angled Grab Bars
  • LED Grab Bars
  • Corner Grab Bars with Shelves
  • Grab Bars with Towel Racks
  • Collapsable Grab Bars
  • Grab Bars with Toilet Paper Holders
  • Vertical Grab Bar with Shower Head Holder
  • Bathtub Support Arm or Grab Bar
  • Suction Cup Grab Bars 

While there are many other options available but expect to see the above as toilet aids and bath aids.

Here is an explanation for each of the different type of grab bar listed above.

  • Straight Grab Bars: The most common type of grab bar is a straight grab bar. This can be installed using screws on either end and can either be placed horizontally or vertically depending on the user’s support requirements. Can be used in both the toileting and showering area.
  • L Shaped or Angled Grab Bars: Grab bars also come in angular shapes. 45 and 90 degrees angle is the most common. Generally used in the toileting area especially if the user needs more support. The user can actually put their body weight on the entire arm rather than just the fist while using an angled grab bar. Good for users who have an injured wrist or other wrist problems. 
  • LED Grab Bars: The most recent innovation has been the LED grab bar. These grab bars have LED lights built into them which get activated with either sound or by movement. This is a great independent living aid for people with vision impairments.
  • Corner Grab Bars with Shelves: Expect to see these in the showering area. They get attached to the corners of a wall and provide user support while they are standing in a shower. For added functionality, you will find these with shelves built into them. This shelf can be quite handy to place toiletries.
  • Grab Bars with Towel Racks: Another type of grab bar is one with a towel rack built-in.
  • Collapsable or Folding Grab Bars: Also known as toilet support arms, these type of grab bars are fixed to either side of the toilet to assist users with standing and sitting on the toilet seat. These are used when the user needs more support than one grab bar on the side of a toilet can provide.
  • Grab Bars with Toilet Paper Holders: Simply a grab bar that has a toilet paper holder attached with it.
  • Vertical Grab Bar with Shower Head Holder: These type of grab bars are used in the showering area and can easily blend into the styling of the bathroom. As the name suggests you will see the showerhead fixed on to of this type of grab bar using a holder slider, this can easily be moved up or down with a touch of a button.
  • Bathtub Support Arm or Grab Bar: This is a grab bar that can get attached to the wall of the bathtub using a clamping mechanism. Allows the user to go in and out of the bathtub while holding this bath aid for support.
  • Suction Cup Grab Bars: A portable option that can be fixed and removed from a wall with ease. Come with built-in suction cups that act as the installation mechanism. These are only good if a user does not exert their complete body weight on them. 

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