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When we go for a surgery we turn over our care to the highly trained doctors, nurses and the hospital staff. However, medical awareness amongst the patients is an important factor that will eventually determine how effectively the patients are going to be benefited from the treatment that is being conducted on them.

It is important for you as an individual to be involved with the entire diagnosis, which means to know more, that will eventually lead to a better healing post the operative system.

  • When you visit your orthopedic surgeon for the diagnosis, it is important for you to provide a detailed information regarding the how the orthopedic problem began, how it bothers you and whether you've tried any past treatments for the same.
  • Communicate the medical history of your family to the doctor. You also need to state them about the ongoing problems that is affecting your health apart from the orthopedic need.
  • List the medications that you're taking and their dosages. Be sure to include any kind of over the counter medications or diet supplements you take on a regular basis.
  • List all medication, food and environmental allergies that you have. Communicate to the surgeon about any kind of allergic reaction that you're suffering from like rash, swelling or difficulty breathing. There might be some different kinds of medication or foods that you might be sensitive to, however, not allergic to it.
  • After the surgery to avoid any kind of medical errors, be sure to identify your pills before swallowing them.
  • Surgery or post operative medicines makes even the best athlete feel weak and unsteady but don't let this take a toll on your moral health. Post-operative depression is common amongst the patients, especially those who are above the age of 40.

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Thus, it is important for you to communicate every medical detail to the doctor. In fact, you can even find the best bone specialist in Kolkata at one of the popular orthopedic clinics in the city. They are popular for offering the best pre and post operative treatment to the patients.

Audio Version: Patients Guide To Preparing For An Orthopedic Surgery

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