Emma Swan
by on March 23, 2020

Have you ever sought the opportunity to celebrate a particular male in your life, one who has stood beside you always- a friend, a brother, a father or partner, or eventhat cheerfulmale janitor?

Have you ever wished the world would recognize and appreciate those unsung heroes in our lives?

If yes, the genie has come to the rescue. If no, you may find a reason to appreciate them after reading this.

March 14thoriginated in 1978 as a counterbalancing act in some Asian countries where it was discovered that the Valentine’sDay was centred on men because females were the ones spending more during the holiday. This led to the creation of march 14th'White Day'- a month later, which provided the opportunity for women to be recognized and appreciated as well.

In the Philippines, men are expected to buy gifts for only those women who bought gifts for them on valentine’s day.

But in some western countries like the USA, the situation was very different. Men were outspending women by far in these countries. On average, men spent $338USD while women spent $64USD during the holiday. The difference was staggering. This caused some men to start protesting and demanding for a day for men just like the 'white day' in Asia.

Theirprayers and cries appeared to have been heard in 2002 when a popular male DJ declared the creation of a Valentine’sDay for menon the radio. The day was set to be on March 14th just like the ‘WhiteDay’. But the holiday crashed almost as soon as it began.

The DJ was said to have been ‘joking’ when he used a rather adult theme as the name of the holiday. The name riled up so many people bringing the holiday to an abrupt end. The name made it impossible for children and families to participate. The media outlets couldn’t help because trying to propagate the name will only stir up more anger and frustration from the masses.

It was a good idea, people said, but the name proved a stumbling block.

It wasn’t until recently, in 2016, when LoveWorks® took over. LoveWorks® saved the day by revisiting the holiday, changing the name, hence, making it more possible for people to participate.

They named it the National Guy’s Valentine’s Day. The day is a little like the Sadie Hawkins dance where the female is expected to take charge and all the male need do is show up to dance.

So, ladies, march 14th is a day that presents that opportunity for you to show your secret hero(es) how much he means to you. It is an opportunity to tell the world what they mean to you.

There are many reasons why this makes sense.

It feels right that women have a whole day for them to be shown love and affection while men have a whole day for themselves too. Another reason is that the male has been made to believe that to be man-enough means, not showing emotions or your need for love and affection because of the macho-concept encouraged by society.

This is a bit ironic because the major complaint in relationships is the perceived lack of appreciation by men. The truth gets out one way or the other.

Because of this, LoveWorks® encourages more people to take March 14th seriously as a day where we get to show the men in our lives that they mean a lot to us. Our fathers need love, our brothers too, our male kids need love and affection.

Make this year's National Guy's Valentine's Day count by appreciating the favourite men in our lives.

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