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by on March 26, 2020

Just as in any industry, there are names in the tobacco and cigar industry that are synonymous with prestige and quality. In the industry for fine tobaccos and expertly blended and crafted cigars, My Father Cigars is one of those that sets the pace. Founded by Jose Pepin Garcia and based on a seven-acre estate in Nicaragua, the Garcia family produces some of the finest cigars and tobacco available to the discerning tobacco aficionado. Distinctive blends and peerless construction come together in My Father Cigars to present the palate and the room with pronounced notes of fine Nicaraguan tobaccos.

Among the many great cigars that you will find at Atlantic Cigar is an illustrious portfolio of cigars from the My Father brand. If you’re interested in sampling some of the offerings by My Father, consider some of these highly acclaimed cigars by the My Father cigar makers at

My Father Le Bijou 1922 Box Pressed
These cigars are named ‘The Jewel’ in honor of their founder’s birth year and represent some of the highest quality in construction and finest blending that you will find in any cigar. Those who appreciate a full-bodied cigar heavy with spices and earth will likely find themselves partial to this cigar. It offers a full, rich mouth full and is weighty with flavors of earth, chocolate and spice - typical of some Maduro cigars. It’s a great option to try if you enjoy a heavy, earthy smoke that announces rather than insinuates itself.

My Father #1 Robusto
Here is another full-bodied cigar that happens to be just as highly acclaimed as well. This cigar features an Ecuadorian Habano Criollo wrapper filled with rich Nicaraguan tobaccos and offers the taster plenty of strength in a well-balanced package. Spicy, earthy and powerful, like the Le Bijou 1922, this cigar also offers a hint of sweetness from the Nicaraguan filler.

My Father #2 Belicoso
Well known for producing powerful, medium to full-bodied cigars, My Father Cigars has produced another winner in the #2 Belicoso. This cigar is not only highly regarded for its excellent construction and draw, but for its deep, earthy, woody flavor that fills and satisfies. If you’re one for cigars that offer a strong balance of woods, nuts, earth and leather, then this cigar is definitely one for you to try.

My Father #3 Crema
This is another cigar that is replete with the flavors of spicy, peppery woods and nuts. In keeping with My Father’s production of powerfully flavored cigars, the #3 Crema is a sure win if you enjoy wood and nuts. It can serve as the ideal complement to some of their other heavier cigars.

There’s limited space before you for the exposition of so many wonderful My Father Cigars, and words do them such little justice. What you should do instead is try them out for yourself to find what you love. Consider reviews, but verify with experience. Take a look at the My Father Cigars at and try them - you’ll thank yourself later.

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