by on March 27, 2020

Lulong zaxigang folk village features wood fences, wooden houses, wooden bridges, brick walls and farmers and herdsmen's village scattered, scattered, delineated a quiet and beautiful "mountain residence map." This is the legend that princess wencheng called the "village on the slope" zaxigang folk village, and after we came out of the village, came to this alpine meadow.

The green hills on both sides are composed of shrubbery and dense spruce and pine trees. In the meadow in the middle, the stream winds, the spring ripples, the lawn blooms with wild flowers; the mist, the forest, the fields, the pasture, the narita kagoshima water, the people, the cattle and sheep. The mountain meadow becomes a classic.

These embellishments make the village of zaxigang unique, standing on this alpine meadow, looking at the distance to find that, because this alpine meadow embellishment will make the high and low ups and downs, with more color, especially in the summer and autumn season, with the change of the season, there will be a great change, and refreshing.

On the meadow, there are some new facilities, such as Tibetan-style bathrooms, and some very distinctive fences around them, which surround different pastures and form different areas, which look very different.

On the meadow, and on the stone with six words in tibetan, it is also a good blessing, as if in the distant legend, modern language, resonance to awaken to this land, it is true that summer pastures, although not seen, but can imaginenrt to kagoshima what a grand scene it should be.

Not far from the transistor, this season is rarely seen people passing, but in the crowded time, should also be a lot of people, lined up here. Turn mountains to water to Buddha tower, life, how many people? How many things you've gone through to understand the world's many differences.

I stand in the meadow banners, accompanied by the wind in the sound of the banners, like murmuring, or reading the scriptures in a low voice, this is also the reason why I want to go to Tibet countless times, because pure, did not think about the possible future purpose, what can be obtained? Just wanted to stay quiet for a moment.

Occasionally, I'll see herdsmen riding motorbikes, unlike in the past.Now in many parts of Tibet, people can ride motorcycles when they graze, which is more labor-saving, and in some places it's faster to walk.

The regret of not being able to see the summer pastures was deep in my heart. Linzhi, Tibet. It's always a place where you'll go many times in your life, because every time you get something different, just as you'll never be able to understand why you're going and going again and again!



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