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As for the town of lurang, many people see it as a beautiful, modern and well-equipped place, but in fact, the fact is that the town of lulang is in the village of rob, where many people stay. One of the important factors is that it is more well-equipped and more convenient.

Compared with the outdoor scenic spot of Lulang, this is a brand-new world, the town of Lulang is about 3000 meters above sea level, is a necessary place for southeast Tibet tourism. As a very important transit station, there are many memorable buildings and impressions here.

For example, some of this restaurant, this is narita to osaka the way we pass here, the place to eat, the restaurant is very large, the autumn and winter season is very cold, the room has already burned a large stove, warm around the chair sitting or lying in different people in the warmth.

In the afternoon sun, oblique sunlight, the pure wood-colored windows shine very warm, plus the characteristics of carving and painting, so that you have a lot of feelings, and see those houses, the difference is that here is a business place, you can walk in, more intimate contact.

In the square outside there are a number of towers on the building, painted a number of Buddha statues, standing in the mountains like a guard to protect the hometown of the same, remarkable!

Unlike the natural scenery of Lulang, which has become more modern, most of the facilities are convenient for self-driving tourists and many business co-operatives. The season seems deserted. Most of the people have already left until the nrt to osaka spring of the following year.

So, when I walk into the town, I feel very quiet, perhaps this is the best time in the town of Roulang, and the most bustling season formed a sharp contrast, not only will you find a quiet charm, but also have time to calm down to experience here.

In addition to the business people, there is also a part of the resident population living here, who have taken mr. rum as their home for life and will not leave because of the changes of the four seasons here, nor will they be allowed to leave because of the population gathering outside. This is the charm of the home, so the streets are occasionally passed by.

Not only that, their lives are still in a traditional way, such as burning firewood when it's burning fires, and it's also a way to overdo it when, compared with more modern gas, coal, whether it's transport conditions or the influence of many other factors, it's not for the time being.

The small shop still opens, as can be seen from the above words, is a comprehensive supermarket, but the inside is very small, the variety of goods is very small, but this is these, which provides a lot of convenience for the people and the local people to live in.

There were monasteries and more distant villages around the hills, where people had returned to the town to trade, buy or sell their own things, mostly on foot for a long time.

There are many areas in the town are divided into a fixed parking lot, you can imagine in the tourist season when the number of people, you will see what kind of prosperous scale, good at this moment is really beautiful!

In this white-walled red-tile tibetan-style architecture and natural ecological perfect fusion of the place, throughout the year in the interpretation of new stories, you come and go in the journey, everyone has achieved their own story, also fulfilled their dreams, there are people on the road to dream.

When you are in a modern town full of Tibetan customs, holy, quiet, poetic, stone pot chicken, see the scenery, feel the local characteristics, and then look back on this life, will this be the best time?


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