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However Wuhu Lake, located in the southwest corner of Bashu County, Changdu Prefecture, Tibet, is a place where the Sichuan-Tibet Line is bound to pass through the 318 National Road.

When I came here, it was the end of autumn, and now it was the best time for people, and the water was the least. In autumn and winter, the snow and ice on the mountain melt less, so the whole amount of water will become smaller, and there is still a big difference in the picture of the lake.

Parked on the banks of the lake, the large area is blank, there is a parking lot, but no car, it is the autumn and winter season, there are flights narita to sapporo very few people have come here, looks very autumn, the distant scenery has become very bleak, plus the gloomy sky, it seems to make people feel depressed.

The elevation of the lake is 3850 meters. There are many legends here, it is said that there is a buffalo in the lake, there is a cattle on the shore of the lake, they fight each other, after death into a mountain, the two mountains are mixed with the lake. Stand high and see that there are two great mountains together!

There is a monument on the ground in the parking area not far from Ranyu Lake, a brief introduction to the Ranyu Lake Wetland Nature Reserve, and a clearer description of the location of the reserve.

East from the east edge of the Wuyuhu wetland, south to the south side of the Wanyu Lake at the foot of the boundary, west to the outlet of Wuyu Lake, north to 318 National Road as the boundary, is the main source of Palong Zangbu. The lake, with narita to takamatsu an area of 2200 hectares, is the most famous freshwater lake in eastern Tibet.

The Tibetan word for "lake of death and death" means "lake of death ", and many people simply can't relate this soft silence to death. It is recorded that more than 200 years ago, the earthquake let the mountains near the collapse, boulders, broken rocks blocked the Palong Zangbo River, thus forming a beautiful dammed lake, overnight, where thousands of lives were swallowed up, perhaps this is the opening of her source!

Because of such a sad start, let a lot of people to the lake is full of a kind of expectation, this time I am no exception, however, the lake in front of me is not so spectacular, chest and bright, although some regret, but I think this may be the true appearance of the lake, rather than be beautified and rendered!

However, the lake is actually divided into the upper, middle and lower three sections, each section has a large area of farmland, villages, only connected by a narrow river, and a real round lake has a big difference, the narrow lake, in the length of more than 20 kilometers along the formation of different bright spots, and in this season is dry water season, the lake has become very narrow in some places!


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