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by on April 2, 2020

The pH of water states whether the water is hard or soft. The pH in its purest form is 7, as it is known to be neutral and fit for drinking purposes too. However, if there is high pH water, then it is said to be essential and if the pH is low, then it is said to be acidic. It is necessary to measure the alkalinity of the water to find if it’s corrosive or not. By finding out the acidic levels in the water, one can save themselves from consuming the highly toxic minerals that are present in the water. So, it is necessary to know about the importance of the pH of water.

Importance of High pH Water

The pH level of the water states about its solubility levels. It states whether the water is fit to drink or can be used by aquatic life. Moreover, the presence of chemical constituents like nitrogen, carbon, phosphorus, copper, lead, etc. tells about the toxicity levels. It leads to numerous health risks amongst human beings. Even it makes the water alkaline, that means it gives a bitter taste to water that will also ruin your morning tea or coffee. Moreover, it is also dangerous for the equipment, especially the water pipes or dishwasher that uses the water to wash your utensils or supply water at home. Therefore, it becomes essential to test the pH levels of water before drinking it.

How To Test The pH Levels?

You can check this out in your home only. The water from the tap is having an average pH level of 7. But, if you notice some kind of rusty color like blue or red on your water pipes, then it tends to turn acidic means its level is below 6 or 6.5. You can even test the high pH water level or low pH through the litmus paper test at home. The homeowners can even bring the water testing kit, where you can dip the pen-like tool to test the pH level of the water. These tests help you to get aware of the risks associated with the intake of acidic or highly alkaline water.

To conclude, high pH water or low levels of pH in the water are both harmful for the drinking purpose and human health too. To live a healthy life, you need to avoid drinking water that does not possess a neutral level.

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