Adam Mathews
by on April 7, 2020
You turn on the computer and reach the internet, and the next thing you hear is the noise coming from the hard drive. You are the next victim of a Trojan with a back door, and even more likely, and your computer is dust. Okay, this may not happen, but it can happen. The sad thing is that computer hackers in the current era are exposing the computer to greater chances than you can imagine. But it is there. We don't have to give in to the forces that have to turn our computers. Norton Security to the rescue. Say what you need from what their applications look like to make your computer act like a tortoise on its deathbed, because it can be if you don't have a powerful machine, but what you don't have to worry about is exposing your personal computer to anyone or whatever. Norton Security is as bulletproof as possible. In fact, the application is two applications in one, Norton Firewall and Norton Anti Virus. Each of them plays both an important role. how to activate norton product key Norton Firewall is a shield against hackers trying to get into your computer to steal private data such as credit card numbers. Every time a hacker from an IP address tries to access your computer, a warning flashes that this is currently happening. The user is blocked by the software from receiving any information and going through. The app will provide you with detailed information about which attack was carried out, so in case you could track that person. Many people are happy that their computer has not been hacked. Norton Anti Virus is a defense against documents that can be downloaded from the Internet that may contain viruses that can turn off your computer or steal your data. These applications have a name with which the Greeks could share in the city of Troy. Because that's what these viruses do, legend or not, the title fits. Trying to repair the file if Norton finds the file with the virus. I try to turn it off if it can't. Sets the file so that it cannot damage your computer when it can do it. Norton Security has many reports that you can see. To view the activity that happened around your 16, see. You can see all threats, not serious or all virus alerts. It is ideal to look at these reports if you have previously suffered from strikes or are worried about these problems. Yes, your computer may slow down a bit, but peace is worth the sacrifice in functionality. Also Read:- Ways to renew your Norton antivirus
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