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by on April 9, 2020

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” - Roger Caras

Dogs and humans have existed together for centuries. And they have proven to be the most loyal and compassionate companions time and again. Dogs are precious beans for their humans; it doesn’t matter how much chaos and mess they create, the love for dogs won’t get any less. In this article, we (Means Me & CanadaVetCare) decided to reach out to a few pet parents and ask them about their pets! So, let’s get started and see what pet parents have to say about their beloved pets.

Note: Due to privacy, we only added person first name .

What is one thing that you love most about your dog?

Erica, from Florida says

Well, it’s very difficult to list down only one thing because anything that my Jojo does is so adorable. The best part is that I’ve got a giant furry cuddler! Every time I look at her, my heart melts a little. She has this cute little tail that is constantly wagging, and then she’ll look up at me with her dove-shaped eyes, asking for permission to come and sit on my lap. And even when I’m in between work, it’s impossible to say no to her. We have had her for 2 years, and every day has been special with her constant cuddles and lively behavior!

What is the first memory associated with your furry pal?

Jonathan, from Arkansas says

I clearly remember when I first saw my cutie, Pip. I was visiting shelters along with my friend, who was looking for adopting a cat. Little did I know that I’d end up taking that sleepy and anxious bundle of joy to my home. He was probably 3 months old, and the moment I saw him, the loneliness in his eyes, I knew he’d come home with me. Those little dark spots on his forehead stood out to me, and the all-white skin pulled me towards him. It’s been three years, and I still remember that bright sunny day when Pip entered my life and made it even more meaningful.

What is one habit of your dog that annoys you?

Kelly, from Elk Grove Village says

Although I love my dog, Jem, with all my heart, there are things he does that annoy me to no end. If I have to be specific, I loathe his habit of shredding everything to pieces! Whether it’s carpets, curtains, or soft toys, Jem doesn’t spare anything. And on top of that, he has started chewing the wires; I recently got my 5th earphone in the last 2 months. Until now, I believed only rats and other animals liked to chew on wires. But that’s not the case as Jem will get his hands (rather teeth) on anything that is accessible. Even if he makes me furious at times, I really can’t stay mad at him for a longer period of time. He is crazy but also extremely caring and loyal towards me.

Does your pet have any weird trait?

Skylar, from Branson, Missouri, says

I don’t know what it is about Cookie, but she always manages to amaze me with her quirky tactics! Cookie has this very odd habit of sitting on a couch. Half of her body will be on the ground, and the other half would be on the sofa. And you won’t believe, but she seems entirely comfortable in that position! Though it’s a little odd seeing his butt on the couch and face on the ground, if he’s happy, I’ve got nothing to say! He’s my little munchkin, so I love him despite his weird traits which now I find cute in fact.

What impact your pet has had on you and your life?

Kim, from Memphis says

Shiro came into my life when I desperately needed some ray of hope. I was going through a rough phase and this little guy literally pulled me out of the darkness. I’m sure all dogs are special, but Shiro is very intuitive; he can always tell whenever I’m feeling down or stressed. All he does is come and sit on my lap, and starts pawing at my face. It’s the most adorable thing that helps lift up my mood in a matter of a few seconds. He has been with me in good and bad times, and I have to say, he is the purest soul on earth who deserves nothing but happiness! It’s only because of him that I have gained strength to face the challenges and overcome them! I can’t imagine my life without Shiro as he has become an integral part of my life now.

We hope you enjoyed reading these moments of pet parents with their pets, and if you’ve got something to share, don’t hesitate! You can find me on social media and share your pet’s memorable moments with us as well.

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