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by on April 11, 2020

Big Data Certification in Malaysia gives you the basic skills and experience required to analyze vast amounts of data that contribute to good decision-making. Given that just 0.5 percent of the publicly available data is being processed and used, there is a huge potential waiting to be taken.

This course will direct you through your understanding of how to use the technological resources, data sets and application scripts involved with the big data analysis. Big Data Certification in Malaysia is suitable for someone with a technological mindset employed in every field.

You will develop an understanding of the collection and interpretation of data as well as the practical application of Big Data knowledge across the course.

Covers foundation topics in:

Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning and AI-based courses offer an insider's perspective into the complexities of how and when data is so important.

Big Data

Data Science

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Exploring opportunities for AI in your organization

Best practices for AI strategy

For professionals in mid-career and senior roles:

Big Data Certification Malaysia is targeted to practitioners in mid-career and senior positions who have no coding or development history.

Built for non-programmers.

Issues discussed by concrete examples.

Introducing Python coding in both transparent and non-intimidating environments.

Master algorithms for an approach to problem-solving.

Introducing functional and relatable calculations and statistics.

Learn to do what you're doing in Excel by Python coding.

Good knowledge of network infrastructure and design.

Emphasis on problem-solving and critical skills.

Big Data Certification Malaysia gives you the basic skills and knowledge required to analyze massive quantities of data, identify trends and allow smart decision-making. The foundation course is non-technical and is open to executives, experts, and decision-makers.

Participants can acquire realistic knowledge of data collection, data processing, data analysis, data simulation, and machine learning. The course covers industry, computer science, and mathematics and offers insights into active data science ventures.

The course was planned from the ground up to appeal to those with no previous coding experience. Participants will be introduced to the Python programming environment by easy-to-understand experiments. Our teachers should meet with students one on one in the class to ensure that each participant learns the basics.

Big Data is a method for providing information into decision-making. The method uses humans and technologies to easily analyze vast volumes of data of various types (traditional organized table data and unstructured data, such as images, video, email, transaction data, and social media interactions) from a number of sources to produce a pool of actionable information. Organizations continually need to evaluate facts in order to make decisions that increase performance, income, and profitability.

As relational databases have increased in scale to accommodate these criteria, companies have also looked to alternative techniques for processing massive volumes of information. These emerging technologies are also referred to as Big Data. Gartner defined three main features for big data: Quantity, Size and Range.

Big Data Certification Malaysia can be used to handle various types of formats outside conventional transactional structures. Meanings for Quantity, Velocity, and Variety differ, but most big data meanings include volumes of knowledge that are too difficult for conventional systems to handle — either the quantity is too high, the velocity is too small, or the variety is too large.

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