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by on April 27, 2020
Artificial Intelligence is the most exciting technology in the current business landscape. The technology holds the ability to transform everything - from business processes and decisions to involving smart devices and services. Business owners adopting AI in their business for value addition have already started to reap various benefits, including enhanced customer satisfaction, cost reduction and lastly, revenue multiplication. According to an article by PwC, AI can lead to revenue of $15.7 trillion by 2030. If you wish to enhance your Business Intelligence and employ AI, then you must first formulate an AI strategy to accomplish your business goals and skyrocket your revenue.

How should you create your AI strategy?

The first step in building an effective strategy is to segregate what is right and what is wrong. But even before that, you need to understand whether your enterprise has tons of data to be processed; and if not, then how you can generate data regularly. After doing that, if you think that it is beyond your expertise to sort and process data, call the experts and let them analyze how AI can be integrated to enhance your business. Most companies today want to implement AI and Machine Learning with an aim of boosting revenues, or in rare cases, to decrease the burden of their employees. But an ideal AI strategy should go beyond this. Experts suggest that before you even start applying the actual model of AI in your business you should be ready to experiment with several other models and see which one is the most effective. When it comes to an effective AI strategy, there is no one-size-fits-all. Implementing an AI strategy needs a few things like infrastructure, algorithms, data and these should ideally be carried out by the most skilled workers in your organization. Moreover, you also need to create a feasible data strategy with the guidance of data scientists, for the best performance.

How to decide which technology to implement?

When companies consider the decision of implementing AI, they need to finalize the technology they will use to integrate AI. First, take a look at the existing technologies utilized in your organization. Then, if you are unable to find something appropriate or compatible, you would need to outsource the technology implementation after consulting experts. In such a case, you would also have to arrange training sessions for your employees to get them well-versed with the technicalities, before successfully employing AI into your business. About Aretove Technologies: Aretove technologies is a consulting & services company focused on offering practical solutions at the intersection of Data Science, Applied AI and Data Analytics. After incorporating in 2012, we climbed up the ladder by building various high volume online platforms. We leverage the expertise gained in data processing, big data, machine learning and help our clientele accelerate their Data Science, Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence initiatives. At the core we have a startup DNA and understand the urgency of time to market. We work in a collaborative mode with our clients to solve their complex data problems in the most efficient way. Feel free to reach us here!
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