John Peter
by on May 2, 2020
Used car buyers are always looking for a free report on vehicle history ... but is it really? Well yes and no. You can get free history reports from some dealers online and abroad, but you can't just enter the car PIN you found yourself and expect to get a full report on that particular car… Pay you. It has to be done.

The confusion lies in the fact that the search has a "free" element. If you have a 17-digit vehicle identification number or VIN, there are some sites where you can enter this number and get free vehicle information for free. Each letter and number symbolizes something, and what is often advertised as a free transport history report is actually a VIN decoder.

The decoder usually tells the model, model, year, type of restraint system, body and engine style, and assembly plant. This information is useful because it provides important information about the car. For example, a dealer can tell you it's a 2004 Ford Taurus. But checking the VIN can tell that it is a 2003 model. So you will immediately find out that this is not a deal that you have to continue because the seller is not honest with the car. If they are not honest about the model itself, you can bet that they will not reveal any hidden problems.

So a free car history report is basically a Free VIN check decoding that will tell you what type of car you think. If you want to know more information, as most buyers do, such as hidden mechanical problems, odometer problems, mileage, fire damage, etc., you should request a full report.

After checking the free car history, you have the opportunity to purchase a full history report or an unlimited report. If you only want to search for a car, you need to choose a car. If you, like most buyers, are looking for a lot of different vehicles, you should opt for unlimited reviews, which in most cases allow you to search for as many cars as you want in a given period of time, usually 60 days.

The cost of these reports varies, but is typically $ 19.99 and $ 24.99 for individual and unlimited options, respectively. Although they are not free reports on car history, they pay little for peace of mind. If you think about it, then, in our opinion, paying $ 20 to avoid a car whose mechanical problems would cost you thousands of dollars is definitely worth it. Often the seller will not tell you about a serious underlying problem, or you may not be aware of it. Even after a test drive, you can't take a case ... even the mistakes of trained mechanics. That's why a car history report is so important.

So we learned that a free vehicle history report is not really free, at least not a full report. But at the time it was first recorded for the last DMV deal, for only $ 20 to learn more about the car, it's worth it. So if you are looking for a used car in the market, make sure you have received a history report before you buy and you will be happy with it.
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