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One of the most significant growing business ventures in event organizing. Event organizing is a multi-million dollar industry, which has lead to the growth of rental tent companies. No matter the geographical location, they are plenty of rental tent companies. Today at American Tent Company being the world's leading tent manufacturer we have decided to give our advice into the world of updating inventory for rental tent companies

• Go for Vinyl Quality

Not all Vinyl is made equivalent. With it giving safe house and insurance from the components, you'll need to ensure you're putting resources into the best quality materials. Characteristics to search for incorporate, waterproof and fire opposition documentation. Just consider buying a tent from American Tent Company, which come with canopies that have been treated with a fire-safe compound. Apart from this Vinyl is long-lasting, thus you will always get value for your money

• Welding Quality

When buying a tent stock, the nature of the adornments is similarly significant. Examine the quality of the welding on all connectors, crowns, and metal parts.

With regards to the vinyl segment of the tent item, welding, as opposed to sewing, is a substantially more alluring technique for assembling. At American Tent Company, our office utilizes a radiofrequency utilization welder to tie the vinyl materials together, framing a watertight seal.

• Innovation

Having a tent producer whose gear is in the know regarding the most recent innovation is significant because it will legitimately impact the value point. Electronic and PC based hardware considers much better consistency of item and quicker pivot times, in this manner, permitting makers to make astounding items at lower costs.

• Tent Manufacturer Reputation

As an issue of trust and authenticity, it is imperative to buy from a tentmaker with a reputation of experience, advancement, and high respect in the business. At American Tent Company, we have been in the tent assembling space for decades. With the entirety of this experience added to our repertoire. We have realized what our clients need and how to satisfy the whole of their desires. In short – we've discovered that quality items lead to glad clients.


As early stated, the Tent Manufacturing industry has been growing at a fast and steady rate. When looking to update your tent inventory, always seek the best in the industry. At american tent company, we pride on being the best in the industry. We have serviced thousands of different clients. Over the years they have been happy with the quality of our tents and our services. So if you are looking to update your tent inventory, do not shy away from contacting our offices. We are only one phone call away.

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