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Whether it's your padded or bum enhancement underwear both are crafted to serve a different purpose. For example, bum underwear for men is to embrace the shape of buttocks whereas your padded underwear is there to work on the profile of your manhood hence choose according to your needs. Well, this was a basic idea about both the styles, its high to get into the roots if you want to have the best out of both the styles. Speaking about padded underwear first.

Mens enhancing underwear range comprises of four styles and padded is one of them. This form of underwear is used for two purposes, one protecting your manhood from serious injuries and two to make but things might not work the way you are crafting in your head if it belongs to a cheap quality fabric hence its essential to invest in luxurious underwear. Just to save a few dollars, you can't think of risking your family jewels. Apart from working on your profile, the biggest advantage of this form of underwear is that its complete budget-friendly lingerie. Ain't this news music to your ears?


1. Padded underwear is right for sports activities:

This form of men's enhancing underwear is even crafted for your sports activities because they are capable of protecting your manhood during cycling and martial arts practice. Well, you might consider wearing any other form of mens underwear such as jockstraps while cycling but for martial arts, it's mandatory to have this form of enhancing underwear as martial arts is all about Kicks and punches. Besides martial arts, other sports that require padded underwear are cricket, basketball, baseball.

2. They are necessary for post-surgical cases:

Padded underwear for men is even used in post-surgical cases. This style is highly recommended to those men who have just undergone a surgery(surgery of the shaft or the butts) as its cushioning effect provide comfort or can be said as heals that area perfectly. IT helps men to recoup with strength.

3. Good for enhancement and visibility:

When we have been discussing its health benefits, now its time to have a look at its capability of working on profile enhancement. It is good to have this style of lingerie because the way it gives shape to the front profile is so natural that the other person won't able to recognize something special is lying inside pants. There is nothing wrong with saying that it completes your whole look. Besides these, its even good to have them while working out.

Although it's a picture-perfect style still there are few points that you need to keep in mind, for example, before picking up underwear make sure it has soft and thinner pads so that you won't end up messing up things down there.


Bum is another style of enhancing underwear for men that works for the betterment of your buttocks. It helps them to reshape, lift and give them a rounder effect so that your personality get embraced, thanks goes to lifting straps and reshaping padding. Lifting straps are sewn inside seams of the underwear, just like your men's jocks. On the other hand, reshaping padding or can be said as soft padding is inserted into the seams of the underwear. 


1. Embraces your personality:

Bum enhancing underwear for men embraces your personality like anything because it gives proper shape to your buttocks which one can easily feel after slipping in them. These are good to pair with your high waist denim.

2. Supportive:

The lifting straps of bum underwear provide a high amount of support and upliftment as well. but these lifting straps can be irritating at some point because they dig into your buttocks a little too much.

3. Good for sexual health:

If you don't feel comfortable in jockstraps, G-string, or thongs at the time of foreplay, you may go ahead with bum enhancing underwear for men. They gently uplift your buttocks hence can make you lucky tonight.

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