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by on May 19, 2020
It is very easy to convert the USB printer into the Bluetooth printer, this way you can use the printer wirelessly and can print from anywhere inside your house or office. There are basically two types of Bluetooth adapters available in the market to support the conversion. One adapter allows you to plug directly whereas the other one consists of an open USB port and you can use a USB cable to plug into the adapter. There are brands like Epson, which offer the specifically designed adapters for their printers’ hardware; you can even purchase the adapter of any third-party but of good quality. The system must include the external support to Bluetooth so that the adapter can be easily connected.

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Steps to use Bluetooth adapter to convert USB printer to Wireless:

Select the type of adapter, such “stick” or jack for a USB port or USB cable respectively
If using the stick type adapter, remove the USB cable from the computer and insert the adapter. You can use the USB cable to connect, depending upon the type of adapter.
Start Bluetooth connectivity on your computer
Start the printer and it will ask you for installation for the new hardware.
Now, you can use your printer wirelessly.

You can also make your Printer Wireless from USB Printer.
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