by on May 30, 2020
In the announcement of the Runescape developers, the results of player input polls will now be hidden during this process. The idea behind the change is to hide the results from the players before the vote ends, thereby encouraging participation and preventing potential trends. As of today, changes to player input polls have officially taken effect. Players participating in the voting can get a lot of RS gold medals.
According to an official statement, hiding the voting results is the first step in a series of steps to improve the entire voting process. Since Runescape is highly dependent on understanding the needs of its player base, the polling process must proceed as expected, that is, to help developers understand the needs of players and better meet the needs of players. Before the change, the voting results will be displayed to the player in real-time.
Old School Runescape is the original version of the classic game, originally proposed in 2001. The latest Runescape 3 is the latest version of the game. Compared with the "old school", its graphics function has been enhanced and beautified, the quality of graphics beautification has been greatly improved, and it is more and more popular among players. Voting also provides players with a secure trading site where you can Buy RS Gold at
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