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by on June 15, 2020
Sales and Marketing are often seen as two separate departments within a company; also as their daily operations are focused on different aspects of customer relationships, they should function together as a single unit. Although Marketing and Sales teams focus on different aspects of the customer relationship, they should still work together. Their relationship is usually interconnected, and recognizing where each team specializes and how they can come together to generate growth. Why Sales and Marketing need to work together? The relationship between Sales and Marketing has changed drastically in recent years, and it is crucial that these two groups collaborate effectively. Marketing is holding onto leads much longer than ever before, and they are focused on developing and nurturing relationships with leads before handing them off to Sales. The benefits of collaborating Sales & Marketing 1. Better customer retention rate 2. Higher Sales win rate 3. Easier deal closing 4. Shorter buying cycle 5. Less wasted leads The Sales and Marketing teams set individual sales rep quotas, as well as the overall mass goal for the company. To attain Sales goals, it forms a bonus and directs structure. Even to maintain Customer base, Sales and Marketing teams take responsibility for making sure buyers are happy, as well as trying to upsell them. The teams are proactive in reaching customers with surveys and exclusive offers and are reactive to strive and solve any problems. Here are some strategies to make better communication bond between the B2B Marketing and Sales teams: 1. Set Cohesive Goals 2. Clearly Define Your Sales Funnel Stages 3. Develop a Service-Level Agreement It is not only the business of Marketers to pull in the desired prospects, but also the job of Sales reps to help marketers understand their customer baseline and understand which leads have successfully converted into clients in past meetings. To learn more about Sales and Marketing reach us on 855-203-8196 or email at Or visit #b2bsales #marketingstrategies #salesalignment
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