Merry John
by on June 19, 2020
If you want to learn WordPress, it would be better to choose a structured course instead of trying to learn randomly. At WordPress Courses London, there are WordPress courses available for beginners as well as for experienced users.

WordPress Courses

Many resources are available on the internet to help you learn WordPress, here are some of the best picks:

WordPress Training London

A platform to get all the necessary training of WordPress from experienced instructors. WordPress Training London provides basic and advanced courses where you can learn individually or with a group of people.

Their content includes the following:

• Managing your blog • Creating new pages with contents • Adding Audio and Video • Choosing and Using Top 10 WordPress Plugins • Adding social media to your pages and blogs • WP Web Hosting & Domain Names • Adding social media to your pages and blogs

There are many more things to explore once you enroll in their courses. This platform can help you in the journey from a beginner developer to a professional developer.

Linkedin Learning

It is a platform where you can train yourself with a variety of WordPress courses. Linkedin Learning offers 81 courses related to WordPress with high quality content. Some of their courses are:

• Building a Small Business Website with WordPress • Essential Learning • WordPress: SEO • WordPress: Workflows • Technical WordPress SEO • WordPress Ecommerce • WordPress: Plugin Development

This platform is suitable for you if you want to start a career in WordPress. Learning it step by step will help you understand it better.


Udemy is filled with a variety of different courses and their WordPress courses are among the bestsellers. The courses contain video lectures, assignments, quiz and projects to make you the best WordPress developer.

Here are some of their popular WordPress courses:

• WordPress for Beginners – Master WordPress Quickly • WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap • WordPress for Beginners: Create a Website Step by Step • The Complete WordPress Website Business Course

Some of their courses are free of cost and others at different prices. If you want to learn something specific related to WordPress, this platform can be helpful.

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