Siang May
by on June 19, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak in the world has scared people and has locked each and everyone of us at our homes. The only solution that is by far suggested by WHO is to keep a safe distance and stay at home. The brave health workers step out each day to perform their duties and sacrifice the comfort of living happily with their families. If you are a health worker and are looking for PPE personal protective equipment to keep yourself safe in such a situation, you can order them in bulk at Siang May. It is a reputed and renowned company based in Singapore which deals in agriculture and husbandry equipment, construction and landscaping, aquaculture, commercial fishing, netting, fishery machinery and textile for many years. The company has its factories based in South East Asia and China and controls it from Singapore. Siang May is a company that has 45 years of expertise in this industry and produces highest quality of products.

Siang May is recognized worldwide. They ship their products to 60 countries in the world. They are leaders in producing synthetic fibre nets, isolation gowntwines, ropes and lines. They offer their products and services to 5 continents and have successfully managed to fulfil their commitments, which has further helped them to build strong and long-term relationships with the customers. The company strives to provide customers like you with innovative products, high-quality standards and value added services. According to your needs and demands, the company customizes their product design so that they can meet your expectations. The challenge that the company faces is to constantly keep up the growth and maintain solid relationship with the customers across the 5 continents by never failing to deliver what your need and thankfully, they have always succeeded.

Looking at the current situation of COVID-19, they have started to manufacture protective coverall kits and are ready for its supplies across continents. If you want the highest quality PPE kits for keeping yourself isolated and protecting other’s health as well, you can place an order at Siang May. If you want to know more about their technology or want to get a quotation about any of the products that they proffer, you can reach out to them on Telephone (65) 6741 6333, Fax (65) 6741 0333,or Email at

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