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We all are guilty of it to some degree, and that is forgetting to take something out before you sleep. After a long day, or too much to drink, perhaps you fell asleep with your glasses or contacts on, or you slept with all your clothes. However, you shouldn’t make this a habit, especially in regard to sleeping with earrings. It does not matter if they are bee earrings, cherry earrings, baby hoop earrings, mini hoop earrings, the list goes on. The point is that they can be harmful. Why is that? Let’s discuss. Do not Sleep with Earrings If you have a new piercing, you should sleep with the studs in for at least 6 weeks. This is because with new piercings, the holes can close if you don’t wear them for long enough. Otherwise, you should not sleep with aesthetic earrings or older piercings. Different earrings can cause different effects. Tiny butterfly earrings may not be as risky as giant neon earrings, but neither should be practiced. Earrings can have some side effects. They may tear your skin, for example. For instance, big red hoop earrings could get caught, which may tear your skin. The same with dangling snakes and earrings. You may get headaches, too. You may wonder why earrings can cause headaches. Sometimes, the earring can press against your head. Especially if you are wearing big heart earrings. Besides that, you may end up getting an infection if you do not take your earrings out to clean them. This can lead to swollen skin or pus. Besides being gross, it can be dangerous. Does not matter if you're wearing pink earrings, cherry kiss earrings, or even earrings you think are sterile. Clean them out, please. Finally, sleeping in your earrings could make you more allergic to nickel. Nickel is used in less expensive earrings, such as costuming. You don’t want to have allergies, so take them out. So, as you can see, sleeping in with your earrings has more consequences than you may think. If you do end up sleeping with them in, when should you see a doctor? Let’s discuss that. Seeing a Doctor Of course, occasionally passing out with your earrings on isn’t anything to be concerned about if you do not see anything wrong with your body when you wake up. In addition, with new piercings, you may see some bleeding for a few days. However, if you end up having redness or a rash that doesn’t go away, swelling that gets worse, discharge, or a headache that won’t go away, then is the time to seek help from a doctor. Conclusion The bottom line is to avoid sleeping in your earrings. Even if you feel as though it’s okay to sleep in them, it’s better to take them off and be safe. The only time you should is if you have new piercings and it’s been under 6 weeks. If you have any other questions, please ask a health professional.
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