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Playing car racing games is one of the best ways of entertaining ourselves. If we can’t speed up the racing track in our real life, at least, we can speed up the track in our virtual world by playing the best racing games. We all want some extra speed in our virtual lives, and that’s what these car racing games are designed for. Are you one of those hard fans of the car racing games? Bored with playing those old racing games and searching for the new ones? There are lots of options that you can find on the internet. Some of them are free, while others are paid that will give you incredible gaming experience. You can pick any of the available options from the store. But, here, in our following article, today we are going to get you the list of the best five car racing games that you can enjoy. Please go through the full article to get the list. The Top 5 Car Racing Games to Play A lot of new racing games have been introduced this year. All these games are designed, keeping in mind the interests of the gamers. Whether you are a fan of super-realistic sim-racing, or pick-up and play arcade gaming fan, you will find the best games in the mentioned list. With the best graphics and advanced features, playing these games will make you feel like racing in the real world. These games will take you to that fantasized world where you will get a sense of the speed that you always wanted and get to pull off the stunts that you might be dreaming of. Now without wasting much time, let’s get over to the list from which you can choose the most suitable game as per your choice. Dirt Rally 2 Dirt Rally 2.0 is one of the best car racing games launched by Codemasters for the users of Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It is the game that dares you to pass the ways through various iconic rally locations across the globe in the powerful off-road vehicles that it offers you to play. Players have to be very careful while playing this game where a single mistake can end their game. It is a game where you have to rely on your instinct powers with most mesmerizing off-road experiences. The game offers you to select a car of your choice along with the power-ups to recharge your vehicle. The game of Dirt Rally has a lot of fans who are intimidated by its graphic designs and the challenges that it put forward for them. Right now, Dirt Rally is in the leading position on the market. You can get this amazing game on Steam if you have an account. Asphalt 9 Developed and published by Gameloft Barcelona, Asphalt 9 stands on the second number in the list of the best racing games. This game is the 9th instalment of the Asphalt series game. As compared to its previously launched versions, this game of Asphalt 9 comes with various advanced amazing features that include a prestigious car lineup, along with some cool control schemes like the Pilot mode called “Touch Drive”, race modes, and many more. With the improved graphics and sound systems, this game will give you incredible gaming experience. There were 48 cars at the time when this game was launched, and now in the present time, the improved version of this game has around 93 cars as per the records of this year. The game has three modes- Career, Multiplayer and Events. In the Career mode, the players have to complete the single-player chapters. In the Multiplayer mode, they compete against other online players. While, in the Events mode, it requires the players to participate in daily and weekly competition. Overall, this is an interesting game that will keep you entertained. You can download this game on any of the platforms, including Android, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, and iOS devices. Torque Drift Torque Drift is another amazing video game that is available at free of cost to the users. It is a 3D racing game with an amazing control system. This is a game that will provide you with a much closer experience of the real racing world. With its outstanding graphics and designs, it has recorded millions of admirers and fans from all around the world. This game of Torque Drift has achieved great success on the Windows platform. And now it has made its way through various other platforms including Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows. It is a game of 210 MB and is specially designed for the people who fantasize about drifting their favourite cars on the real-life speed tracks. Playing this ultimate game will make you feel like you have come to the real speed world. This multiplayer online racing game has a partial chargeable content within itself. You can download and enjoy this fantastic game on any of your devices from Steam. In case, if you don’t have an account on Steam, you can create one. Dangerous Driving Dangerous Driving launched by Three Fields Entertainment is one other best racing video game. It is regarded as a “Spiritual Sequel” to the series of “Burnout”. Like the above-mentioned video games, this game of Dangerous Driving also offers its players to choose any car from a different variety. In the game, the players participate in the battles, and they have to beat the other online players. Along with this, this game comes with a lot of amazing features and schemes. With its wonderful graphics and designs, it provides the best gaming experience to the players. It is the best game for the players who like Burn-out style games where you crash the cars of the other players with your super-fast Driving and racing. This game can be played on the devices, including Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Need for Speed Heat The Need for Speed Heat is considered as one of the best NFS games in the years. This game has become EA’s first title with its cross-platform multiplayer feature. Recently, the game has updated its version that will give you an ultimate experience of racing. While its new cross-play feature will enable its users to play this game with their friends on PC using Origin, and Steam. It is a game that can be installed on the devices, including PS4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. This game covers the elements of NFS games, including Most Wanted/Undercover/Hot Pursuit that will impress the players. You can download this online racing game from Steam. #games #racing #2020 Source:-
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