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by on July 3, 2020
Cleaning the sand pool filter in 1-4 weeks leaves an essentially hygienic pool to enjoy.
Out of several filter types, sand pool filter does require some extensive cleaning tasks, but don’t let it deter your spirit. You will need a reliable quality sand pool filter cleaner and backwash hose.
Backwashing applications should follow if you have over 10 psi, the normal operating level. If there’s frothy or cloudy pool water, you may need to clean it immediately or call professionals for pool repair in Las Vegas.
You can clean the sand filter quite easily than cartridge filter if you follow the steps:
Remove debris through backwashing the filter for up to 4-5 minutes.
Let it filter after turning off the pump and turning the valve.
Take away the strainer lid.
Pour sand pump filter cleaner into the basket and put on the lid.
Transfer the cleaner to the filter by turning on the pump for 15 seconds.
Leave it like that for 8 hours after turning off the pump.
Again backwash the filter for 4-5 minutes to dislodge any further dirt.
Put on the filter system again.
In case, you have trouble understanding what to do next on any point, you should consult an expert or specialist for pool repair Las Vegas services to quickly resolve the problem for you. Besides, you can recruit a pool cleaning and repair company for offering weekly or monthly services at competitive charges.
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