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by on July 7, 2020
In today’s day and age, digital content has more takers than ever before. In fact, most of the content we peruse or consume is digital, be it art, music or anything that remotely falls within the vast realms of entertainment, education or lifestyle. 

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Though there is no dearth of platforms to express your niche or to view desired content, YouTube continues to dominate the field partly due to its inclusivity and partly due to its reputation. Youtube success is defined not by the number of views or likes on one video, but by the number of subscribers.

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The logic behind this is simple. However popular one video of a channel might be, without people subscribing to that channel, it is impossible to replicate the success of the first video. 

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Sustainable success or success that can be maintained and built up gradually depends largely on the number of people who subscribe to your channel as YouTube’s algorithm functions in a way that the people with most engagement get in the higher search results.

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And logically, subscribers who are more likely to watch videos of a channel are also more likely to comment or like a video thereby increasing engagement. 

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This is proven by the number of viral content creators we see these days. Not all of them have found a way to ensure the continual reproduction of their success. In this article, we will examine some ways to gain, retain and engage with your Youtube subscribers.

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Ways to Gaining Youtube Subscribers

1. Ensure all the content on your channel is of the finest quality. Delete old videos that aren’t up to the mark.
2. YouTube is full of clutter, therefore the way to stand out is by posting original content. 

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3. Script your videos before you make them. Stuttering and making it up as you go along is one of the worst things you can do to your subscriber count.

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4. Buy in-house equipment for your videos. While steep in the early stages, professional videos make potential subscribers get an amicable first impression of you and your brand.

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5. Make and execute channel trailers. YouTube has this absolutely amazing feature called channel trailers that lets you play a short video for the viewers when they enter your channel. This plays a large role in deciding their first impressions of your channel.
6. Create high-quality thumbnails. Your thumbnails are quite literally the cover of your videos.

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Retaining Subscribers 
1. Keep your content short. Studies have shown that most consumers are likely to prefer videos < 5 minutes as opposed to longer ones.
2. Avoid grammatical/ pronunciation mistakes. This lessens your credibility and people are less likely to take you seriously. 
3. Keep a professional background in all your videos and make sure to get potential distractions like children or pets out of the way before filming. 
4. Keep sponsored posts or promotions to the bare minimum because this will make your subscribers feel less like a community and more like they are stuck in a sales pitch.

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Increasing Engagement
1. Do some keyword research for your algorithms as per the system. 
2. Pay attention to your headlines. Even if the content you create is engaging, if your description or heading is lacking in quality, most people will not bother looking through your channel. 

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After reading this article, we hope that you don’t just take these words at face value. Apply them and see the difference they make in terms of your subscriber count. Happy Creating!!!!

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