Gloria L
by on July 10, 2020
A systematic approach is required to write an essay and it is very important that the writer fully understands the topic and follows the basic steps to make it more meaningful and up to date. To write an effective essay, it is really helpful to follow certain steps, which are discussed as follows. 1. Definition of context: First, the writer must define the context of writing an essay. Any writing can be appreciated only if it justifies its context. The definition of context includes certain parameters such as the duration of the essay, the page format, the target audience such as a teacher, superior, students or people in general. Once the context is defined, it is easier for the writer to frame the thoughts accordingly, 2. Topic selection: a topic is the central theme of an essay. Although usually decided by someone else, but if the writer needs to choose a topic, then he / she should choose a topic in which they are interested and passionate about writing. 3. Research: The writer should collect optimal information from available sources by using the Internet, the library, and relevant data to gather evidence to support thesis statements. 4. Analysis: After collaborating with relevant data and information, the writer can rely on acquiring a good understanding of the topic and can even plan the writing structure of the essay points through an analysis of the essay arguments . 5. Brainstorming: One of the best techniques for gathering different and divergent opinions on an essay topic is brainstorming. It also requires a lot of information and helps the writer understand the point of view of people in the correlation of points and essential elements of the essay. 6. Plan the essay: the best idea can be collected and solidified to form the thesis statement. Writers should definitely plan an outline, that is, a sketch before writing that helps them correlate their thoughts and plan the writing sequence of statements that validate the topic. 7. Writing of the body: the introduction must capture the reader's attention. Writers should never generalize introductory statements. They should be careful to use 'I' statements. The paragraphs should focus on the thesis. You should try to start the paragraphs with thematic sentences, affirmation of the topic and present ideas in the clearest and most sensible way. 8. Complete reading and language: the correct use of grammar, sentence formation and the correct flow of sentences is extremely important. The writer before submitting the essay should always read the entire script from start to finish to witness the flow of the essay and see how each sentence leads smoothly to the next. There must be a connection between all paragraphs and no sentences should be left pending.
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