by on July 29, 2020
Clients often ask: Why is it so expensive to pay for an architectural consultancy? Do I really need it? What is the use of someone making those "diagrams" and documents? A solutions architect is a professional with the necessary experience to know “a little bit of everything” but having an end-to-end vision of the solution. He is in charge of listening to the client's needs and designing a solution, mapping functional requirements to technologies. Likewise, the architect is the bridge between the client with his needs, and the engineers who will implement the solution. This means that if any requirement changes, the architect must be able to know which components of the solution are affected and in what way. The architect is also responsible for creating a design with a view to the future and to the possible integrations that the solution may require. And the more complex the solution or the more integrations it has, the more evident is the need to have a clear design in order to implement the solution. Thus, the importance of good design is of great value for medium to large projects. You wouldn't make your house without a design (plans), would you? In fact, maybe you could make a very simple house without the need for design plans, but now imagine a 500 office building or a 1,200 room hotel. There things start to get complicated, parking, pipes, foundations, electrical installations, etc. All of this must be planned and estimated. And it is an architect who does it. Read More:
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