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by on August 14, 2020
Who’s the best to hire for the development of a cross-platform mobile application, an individual freelancer or a well versed IT company? This is considering a major debate topic for so long.
Well in my personal opinion, not an individual has the ability to handle and manage the entire responsibility for design, development, deployment, and maintenance of a cross-platform mobile application, as a well-established company can do. It’s the bitter truth of the IT industry which we can’t neglect anyhow. Here I am not saying that an individual or a freelancer developer has the lack of knowledge or understanding for the particular technology or its several aspects like tools and multiple frameworks, which are useful to build a multi-features inherited mobile application which can deliver a super smoothly accessing experience to all the global users of the application in any specific mobile operating system like Android, iOS or Windows.
The things that make the company the best choice for you in regards to the development of a supremely marvelous mobile application:
* Licence matters
As of comparison to the individual freelance worker, it will be good for you to get the app development services from a company because a company is the one which has all the registration documents and license, which actually matter more in a case, being a client you are looking to develop a long term trustworthy professional relationship and as well as to get the extensively high performing and well responsive services.
* Availability is must
Instead of an individual freelance developer, a company gives a silent promise to be 24/7 available to assist with the uninterrupted and the best possible solution. Here, it might be a big question that availability is not a big deal as an individual can also be able to assist you throughout a day. Well, definitely a freelancer can assist you well, but, nevertheless, they do not have all the support systems like a VC facility along with the team members to assist yours in multiple aspects like an app tester, a designer, or server admin, etc. While a company can easily assist you with these at any time of the day, as well as on a real-time basis.
* Surety is not a bad thing
In order to the successful completion and the delivery of the project getting assured for this is the main prospect for the clients across the planet. Well in addition to this, there are a number of chances for the failure of your assumption for the assured delivery of a completed project, and this is just due to as a freelancer didn’t much believe to work on a single project for a long term and hence, they withdraw the project in its mid. Besides that if you hire a company, they are believing in the creation of long-lasting professional terms, they like to provide you with the 100% surety for successful completion along with on-time delivery of the project.
* Better communication delivers better results
For the development purpose of an amazingly working mobile application, communication between both the parties plays an extremely important role. As to whether you hire a company or an individual developer, they can be able to develop the app as per your concept, imagination, and description, only at a single condition, which is the level of their communication. Even how bitterly one can communicate with the client in order to grasp the project requirements, they can deliver you the best results. Well, a freelancer developer has a limited command of the different spoken languages. Thus, this is the major drawback for hiring a freelancer, while instead of that if you hire a company for the buildup of your mobile app, they have brilliant sources who can collaborate with you in your native spoken language to discuss the project requirements.
* Quick delivery always the profitable
In order to make and improve the web presence off your business, it will much more profit worthy for you to get the quick delivery of your application development project. As for how soon you will get and launch the app, it will good for your business empowerment. In that, if you will hire an individual developer then due to the single-hand working, it may get some delay in the delivery, while if you hire a company for the same then definitely you will get the results as sooner as you expect because the has a team of multiple designers and developers who work on a project together, in addition, to complete and deliver it in the fastest speed.
Final Words:
From all the above-mentioned descriptions it simply clears that hiring a company for the development of multiple features integrated cross-platform mobile application will be a wonderful and profit worthy deal for you. So, if you also want to develop a mobile app for your business then feel free to consult with India and the USA’s leading cross-platform app development company at the hire Xamarin developers and get the most reliable, and flawless services form the skilled developers and designers. Contact us now, we are waiting to hear from you.
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