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A thermostat is a device that works according to the temperature of the environment. It is a device that controls the temperature in our house and machines so that they do not reach the boiling level. A lot of people often get confused between a thermostat and a thermometer, so what a thermometer does is measure the temperature. In contrast, a thermostat helps in maintaining the temperature of the room by adjusting the heating or cooling in a room. We have different types of thermostats available in the market like Bimetallic strips,wax thermostat, and the Smart thermostat. These thermostats work efficiently in controlling the temperature of the room, but the smart thermostat is called smart for a reason. There are a lot of new features introduced with the new smart thermostat, like controlling the temperature via a smartphone application, so that even when you are away, you can manage the temperature of your house. Thus you will not have to enter a cold freezing room because,with the smart technology you were able to adjust the temperature. Read on to learn about some of the best smart thermostats available right now. 1. Ecobee Smart Thermostat This smart device comes in size 4.2 by 4.2 by 1.0 inches and has an incredible black glossy screen; also, there is a glass screen to cover the touch display. The audio processing  feature is more advanced as compared to the old series of Ecobee and helps in controlling the echo with the help of its two microphone holes on either side of the screen.There is an LED strip on the device which glows blue and red respectively when there is a command by Alexa and microphone. Since it promises to be the best in the market, it has twelve inputs for connecting to different home appliances like AC, humidifiers, and other HVAC appliances. The smart thermostat is built-in with Alexa, which can play podcasts, music, supports Alexa calling, messaging, not only Alexa, but this smart thermostat also comes with built-in Apple HomeKit, Google Home, SmartThings and IFTTT. Ecobee reacts instantly to the change of temperature in the environment and helps control the temperature required in a room. Since it comes with smart applications inbuilt, you can preheat your room or air-condition it while you are on your way home so that when you enter your house, you have the perfect temperature. The product costs $249 but becomes worth the buy when we look at its features.  2. Nest Thermostat E  The Nest Thermostat E has a frosted welcome screen, making it easier to use, which is one of the best features of this thermostat. The device has six inputs and thus can accommodate lesser HVAC systems. It also claims that the device is compatible with 85 percent of 24-volt devices, be it heating or cooling. Nest Thermostat E comes with built-in Google Home and Alexa through which you can control the device. The device saves money on both cooling and heating bills as it makes both the cooling and the heating efficient, a green leaf appears to show that the device is working with full efficiency. The Airwave helps in saving energy and shuts the compressor as soon as it senses the desired temperature for the room, and with the help of the fan, the desired temperature is maintained. The device costs $149, and can be considered as a great choice as it provides some of the best features in this range. 3. Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation This 3rd generation smart thermostat comes amongst the top five. The device gives you a report on the amount of energy used every day and gets reflected in the energy history list and lets you know the same for a monthly basis. This feature helps you know the days when you used extra energy, and thus you can manage the usage. The device adopts the temperature preferred by you and tries to remain within the same range, which again helps in saving energy. Not all the rooms have the same temperature in a house, and also the temperature required in every room can be different for different people. For this problem, Nest Thermostat has an excellent solution: you can let the device know the temperature required in a particular room and mount it on a wall or keep it on a shelf.  With the help of Nest application, your smart thermostat is not just in your house but also in your pockets, all you need to do is connect it to the wifi. So even if you control the temperature from your office, the thermostat at your home very obediently adjusts the temperature. It even alerts you whenever there is something strange acting up in your house like the burning of the furnace or any issues with the pipes, thus helping you keep your home safe even when away. The product costs $200. 4. Ecobee4 Ecobee4 is a product that is slowly taking the market by storm along with the Nest Thermostat. The product comes with an array of features which has led to its position in the market today. With built-in speakers and mics, it works great with Alexa and Google Home. Ecobee4 also has excellent temperature controlling capabilities. The product comes with a remote sensor that enables you to measure the accurate temperature. The product is easy to use and install and thus becomes a great option to go with for the customers. Ecobee4 is compatible with Android and iOS and comes with an LCD. Ecobee4 does an excellent job of controlling the temperature and saving time and energy both. Ecobee4  is compatible with almost all the HVAC accessories, and with free HomeIQ, you get HVAC’s runtime report for every month. The product costs $249. 5. Honeywell Lyric The Honeywell lyric works with Alexa for voice control, just like the ones mentioned above. You can also customize your screen color according to your decor. The product can be controlled from a distance using either iOS or Android devices which enables you to save energy and let the thermostat work efficiently for long-run. The product also gives you an option of energy-saving by choosing to Save on Annual heating and Cooling costs. You can also smartly lock the device and would be operated only by the person who knows the lock; this is a useful feature because then everyone in the house keeps on changing the temperature as per their needs and the machine is continuously adapting to different demands. It becomes beneficial in a home with small kids who tend to play with it. The product costs $199. 6. Johnson Controls GLAS  This smart thermostat comes with a translucent OLED touchscreen. With the option of seven-day scheduling  that allows you to schedule your whole week with multiple events per day. The seven-day programming will enable you to mark your week according to your presence in the house and hence save energy. You can use your phone or tablet, which will help you regulate the device even when you are not home. The three different modes Home, Sleep, Away allows the device to set the temperature accordingly. The GLAS thermostat can operate via a single mobile application irrespective of your location. It can be operated via both Android and iOS with its application JCI smart thermostat mobile application. The device works with both Alexa and Google Assistant and helps control the temperature of the room and allows you to give a command. With its fantastic feature of air quality monitoring, both indoors and outdoor GLAS, gives you a safe space and makes the house a happy place fulfilling all your comforts. The product costs $206.87. 7. Cielo Breez Plus Smart AC Controller With this smart thermostat, you can control your appliances be it air conditioner or heat pumps via your phone anytime you want and from anywhere. It also has the feature of changing the settings of the air conditioner in case the room temperature rises or falls. With the option of weekly scheduling, you get to manage the temperature for the entire week according to the occupancy in the house and also lets you save energy by giving you the alerts like cleaning alerts. The in-built sensors for temperature and humidity provide you with a comfortable space by tracking your room environment and bringing it to a Comfy Mode. The fantastic feature of Geofencing switches your air conditioner off automatically whenever you leave your defined area. The smart thermostat also enables voice command via Alexa, Siri and Google Home and works with different apps like Cielo Home App, Amazon Alexa App or Google Home App. The product costs $ 109. 8. Mysa Smart Thermostat  The smart thermostat supports high voltage devices and works with Baseboard Heaters. You can very easily enable the vacation mode, and the smart thermostat works accordingly saving you a lot of energy. It also comes with the feature of scheduling the temperature for individual rooms and spaces. For knowing the power used in a week, you can go through the energy usage report and use it wisely further to save more energy. Mysa integrated with Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and IFTTT allows you to use it more conveniently. Its clean and attractive look, with sensitive buttons, makes the product more desirable. With this excellent combination of a luxurious look and best quality product, one can never go wrong. The product costs $ 139. 9. Ecobee3 Lite This product, just like the models mentioned above of Ecobee, comes with an array of features. The product becomes quite attractive because of its features. The latest technology allows you to operate the device anytime no matter what your location is and this also helps in choosing the vacation mode when you are out and have forgotten to change the mode of the thermostat. The product alerts you on your phone when connected to wifi, whenever there is sudden damage, like sudden fall of temperature, which could lead to disruption of the pipes. This way, the product ensures security and makes your home a safer place. You also receive a monthly report of the usage and thus you can compare each month’s report and see where you can save more. The smart technology of Ecobee3 Lite very easily adapts the time required to heat the room or to cool it down and thus works accordingly. The overcool AC feature will help level the humidity inside the room in case you don’t have a dehumidifier. The product costs $169. 10. Sensibo Sky  Sensibo Sky gives all the benefits provided by the products mentioned above and works as a smart air conditioner controller and a thermostat. With features like geofencing, it controls the temperature when you are not around and switches off the AC when you leave your defined area and thus helps you save energy when you are not around. The seven-day scheduling programme helps you control everything according to your occupancy throughout the week. The work is made more accessible with the help of Alexa and Google Assistant. One can control the Sensibo Sky with both iOS and Android. With this, you can update your old air conditioner with the latest features without burning a hole in your pocket. The product costs $149. To make it easy for you to choose the best product we have curated the list above with some of the best products of the year 2020. All the products above mentioned are amongst the best smart thermostat available in the market, and you can never go wrong with any of these products. Source: Best Smart Thermostats to Buy Right Now
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