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If you now love Americans when you need something, you jump on Amazon. The retail giant accounts for 37.7% of all U.S. sales and has rapidly expanded its business by offering specialty products delivered within two hours in some regions. However, there are products that Amazon does not offer, such as CBD oil. It may seem awful that something available in stores in the United States cannot be purchased on Amazon. However, the reason is relatively simple: Amazon bans the sale of additives that contain controlled substances. Although CBD oil contains only marijuana, the psychotropic component of THC, Amazon relies on a federal law that considers marijuana a controlled substance.

Fortunately, there are ways to get quality CBD oil and related products outside of Amazon. This article explores the causes of Amazon products in the CBD - and explains why the Amazon site shouldn't look for CBD products with a different name. As Amazon rules restrict the sale of certain products. Amazon has a long list of "limited" products that either can't be sold on their site or can only be sold under limited conditions. This list includes a number of items that, for obvious reasons, cannot be sold on Amazon, such as alcohol, tobacco, and live animals. This severely restricts the sale of food supplements such as CBD Amazon

There are several rules that must be followed for a seller to list add-ons that are sold on Amazon. For example, food supplements must be sealed in their original packaging and may not bear the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) logo or otherwise claim that the product is FDA approved. Ingredients in the appendix are also prohibited. According to Amazon's policy on food supplements, "these products must not contain a controlled substance, such as cannabidiol (CBD), which is a controlled substance in List I. The policy is based on the classification of marijuana as a controlled substance in Schedule 1 under federal law.
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