Olivia Rodrigo
by on August 25, 2020
Jewelry brightens and enhances your look. The right piece of jewelry can elevate your overall appearance. You can add your style and flair to any clothing by putting on your custom made necklace. However, there are many mistakes you might be making with your jewelry. You might have developed these bad habits unknowingly. But, most likely, the lack of information leads to common jewelry mistakes. The Following Are Some Common Jewelry Mistakes You Should Stop Making:- 1 – You Wear the Same Jewelry Every Day Well, it is easy to get into the habit of wearing the same jewelry every single day. You might not be taking them off at all. But there are many good reasons to break this habit. The first reason is your daily pieces of jewelry get grimy in places you might not notice. Secondly, your appearance may become boring, and you surely don’t want that. So come up with ways to use different jewelry pieces in your collection. Or you may also plan to buy more pieces with time. 2 – Not Cleaning Your Jewelry Pieces of jewelry like engagement rings and earrings are the ones you wear day in, day out. Thus, it becomes crucial that you clean the jewelry regularly. You should take off those pieces and give them a nice clean with warm soapy water. You can use a soft brush to get rid of the dirt on your jewelry. Doing this cleaning every two weeks can keep your jewelry shining like new. 3 – Not Storing Your Jewelry with Care You should not keep your jewelry in the wrong places. For instance, bathrooms tend to be high on humidity. And storing your jewelry at such places can lead to tarnished look over time. You must also keep your jewelry away from free-flowing air. Such air contains dust particles, dirt that can make your diamond pendants grimy. The best you can do is storing your jewelry in a dedicated jewelry box. 4 – Wearing Jewelry While Swimming or Showering There are numerous reasons not to wear jewelry while swimming or showering. The first one is you are at the risk of losing your valuable possessions. If you don’t want your ring to slip off or get drained, then you better not take the risk. You should also know that residue from your soaps and shampoos accumulate on your jewelry over time. Lastly, the chlorine used in pools can cause discoloration to your metals or stone. So, leave your jewelry safe at home. 5 – Selecting Jewelry without Considering Your Skin Tone You shouldn’t buy a piece of jewelry because it looks attractive on display. You need to consider your skin tone before choosing any jewelry. If you have a cool skin tone, platinum, white gold, and silver jewelry can be your best pick. People with warm skin tones can go for yellow, rose gold, and brass or copper-colored tones. Neutral skin tone can pull off both yellow and white metals. All Things Considered Those were some common jewelry mistakes you need to stop making. No matter how beautiful diamond necklaces or rings you have, you cannot get that elegant look if you repeat the above mistakes. So, incorporate good jewelry habits and allows your jewelry to enhance your look. Visit Now:
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