Olivia Rodrigo
by on August 25, 2020
Jewelry is the best way to adorn yourself and flaunt your signature look. A locket, signet rings, and a charm bracelet are classic pieces. But jewelry essentials of today are far different from the trends in your grandmother's era. Your jewelry collection must have certain pieces that can transform your staple outfits into adorable looks. It may include custom necklace with chain or diamond studs. Below Are the 6 Jewelry Essentials Every Woman Should Own- 1. Diamond Studs Diamond studs are a classic and ever-stylish piece of jewelry every woman should own. A pair of diamond studs earrings can instantly make you look elegant. The best part about diamond studs is you can pair them with any outfit. You can flaunt it at parties and even wear it at formal business meetings. Another advantage of diamond studs is they can easily last a lifetime. 2. Long Necklace Long necklaces are a fashionable piece of jewelry. It instantly makes you look younger and chic. It's a versatile piece of jewelry that every girl should have. You can wear it with any dress, or even a tunic and leggings. There are many options when it comes to long, Script or Bar chain necklaces. You can get a bold style, motif style, or a delicate style engraved necklace. 3. Pendant Women's pendants are a piece of jewelry that helps you stand out. It has the power to turn an understated outfit into an attractive one. Birthstone or butterfly pendants are your best companion. It makes your everyday look more versatile, fashionable, and a bit more dazzling. You can also go for delicate designs like motifs, flowers, or symmetrical figures. 4. Hoop Earrings Hoop earrings are a part of every woman's jewelry collection. They are a super attractive piece of jewelry. You can wear them with every type of dress. From floral to casual dresses or everyday outfits like jeans and skirts, you can easily pair hoop earrings with all. You can wear gold hoop earrings with an outfit of any color. 5. Layered Necklace When it comes to a special event, personalized diamond necklaces are your best friend. But talking about everyday look, a layered necklace can be your go-to accessories. It can drastically improve the look of your entire dress. You should be able to create a good combination while wearing them. You also need to ensure that the chains don't tangle. 6. Stackable Rings In recent years, stackable rings have become massive popularity. You can start by picking rings of different colored metals and gold or sterling silver. You can also choose rings adorned with gemstones or diamonds. You can wear singular rings for a nice look. But when you stack them together, it creates a captivating look. Feel free to mix and match styles, materials, and shapes. Final Thoughts Those were the six jewelry essentials you must have in your collection. So whenever you put on your favorite denim jeans or a little black dress, you can look your best self. Diamond studs, long-chain necklaces, and hoop earrings are stylish pieces of everyday jewelry you should own. Visit Now:
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