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by on August 26, 2020
It is annoying to wear similar outfits on a daily basis. And it is certainly boring to wear similar earrings too. Earrings are one important piece of jewelry that has many impacts. For instance, a good stud or teardrop earrings can totally change the way you appear. It will profoundly affect your facial structure. And when the facial structure is on point, you become even more confident. So, if your jewelry box has a single boring earring that you have been wearing for years, then this blog is just for you. Here, we will discuss a few types of earrings pairs that you must own. So, let’s begin. 1- Stud Earrings: These types of earrings are the must-haves. They are light and can be worn daily. You can choose something that is simple, like gold or made of other metals. Or else, you can invest in a solid diamond-studded stud too. 2- Drop Earrings: Drop earrings have multiple components to it. As the name suggests, they have a dangling drop that is attached to a hook. These earrings are an excellent option for casuals or when you decide to dress lightly. 3- Long Dangling Earrings: Long dangling earrings are similar to drop earrings, but they have extra-long danglers attached to it. The danglers usually brush just above the shoulders. These earrings are great for cocktail parties or clubbing. 4- Hoop Earrings: Hoop earrings are versatile pieces. They can go along with casual jeans or even the elegant evening gowns. These earrings have a minimalist approach to it. And that is what makes them a favorable option for daily wear too. 5- Ear Cuffs: If you want to add a piece of edgy jewelry to your jewelry box, then Ear cuffs are the ones. You can even don them without ear piercings. When it comes to mixing and matching, the ear cuffs go along with any type of outfits. 6- Birthstone Earrings: Your jewelry box must have the gemstone earrings. You can select the gem based on your birthstone or prefer any gem that you like. Such a pair of earrings are elegant and understated. They will add a pop of color to any outfit. 7- Pearl Earrings: Pearl earrings offer a modern yet classic look. They are a highly versatile option. You can don them with your classic jeans or even wear them with your wedding dress. 8- Front Back Earrings: Front back earrings are the modular earrings. You can wear just the front part as a stud. But when you feel a bit dressier, then you can inculcate the detachable drop too. Bottom Line The jewelry industry is flooded with different types of earrings for women. And we know, while surfing through the collections, you may feel overwhelmed. That is why we have kept our list short yet simple. If your jewelry box has these types of earrings, then you will never stay away from flaunting a bit of glamour through your outfits. Visit Now:
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