Kei Johns
by on September 13, 2020
What does it mean to see this angel number? According to numerologists and spiritualists, number 55 possess the energy of change and transformation, but also a confirmation of what is positive and good already.

It is a fortune bringing variety, delivered by angels to encourage someone pursue their fantasies and desires.

This angel number may indicate a big shift and another life phase is facing you, waiting for you to measure in.

As we have mentioned previously, it may be a change from active, unsteady and exciting life to something more serene, calm and steady.

It could also suggest you have an inner need for a change, but you aren't yet sure what that change could be or what should you do. In that case, number 55 suggest patience and calmness.

What's more, if you keep seeing angel number 55, then you may rest assured guardian angels are there to help you on your choices. Even if you make a'wrong' step, they are here to support you.

Everything in your life happens with a few motive. You behave bay your won will, but there are a lot of outer factors which also determine your destiny.

Angels are there to aid you in finding balance between all them; they won't ever make you do something that you don't want.

It brings you guts to take care of these kinds of things, be certain and value all your virtues and takes your imperfections.

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