Gloria L
by on September 16, 2020
With the growth of information technology, more of the activity of daily life involves our interaction with computers and smartphones rather than face-to-face with people. Some examples are banking, shopping, work assignments, and social interaction. The question arises as to whether all this involvement with computers and cell phones may be reducing our ability to build community and make commitments. Are we using information technology wisely? Information technology and the global news network Information is transmitted from one end of the world to the other quickly in an instant transmitted through information technology on the Internet and television. So we are constantly aware of other bad news that is happening somewhere. Is the sheer volume of news in danger of overwhelming us so that although we are more aware of the headlines, we are not more deeply informed about the plight of human beings? Information technology and social communication Now we can chat endlessly on our mobile phones. And through social media like Facebook and Twitter, as well as text messages and emails, we can read messages wherever we are and whatever we do. Much of the social information that is communicated is relatively trivial. However, more and more, there is an expectation that we are constantly connected. It is possible that there are people who have been outraged or distrustful when you turned off the mobile phone or did not respond to texts or emails at least twice a day to satisfy their needs. As a consequence, you may be constantly on call from those, like co-workers and family members, who may make demands on you without having a time that you can actually call their own. It has become increasingly acceptable for employers to expect employees to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Does intensive use of this technology increase fatigue and stress in young adults? How is information technology used? It seems like school-age kids these days spend more time on social media than they do on their academic work or talking to their siblings or parents. How long can adults go without calling or writing to others and giving them an update on their life? How empty your world would become as you fill more time with talk. What would you be missing? Information technology and spiritual well-being It is good when you connect with others in a meaningful way. But shouldn't you also look for ways to 'disconnect' from the minutiae of the world that distract you from the routine joys and sorrows of life alone on your own skin? Sometimes it seems that being yourself and doing your own thing can be boring. Having someone distract us, even superficially, from assigned tasks can feel like a welcome relief. Or daily work can seem like a drudgery and we seem to crave relief through a bit of entertainment, gossip, or even some nonsense that can make our mind stop thinking about what we are supposed to be thinking. Or where we are we can feel alone because we have not found a way to relate in any satisfactory way with the people around us, so we resort to listening to someone on the phone even if they are many miles away.
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